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Thursday saw the start of the Old Bar’s Festivale. Liz, Michelle, and I headed down to sample the wares and take part in the quiz. They were running sixteen cask ales and four cask ciders, a real treat of proper drinking! They were also running a variety of games and promotions. I won two Black Sheep T-Shirts!! It was unfortunate that most of the circle had coursework deadlines so couldn’t be there.

Headed back to mine afterwards and watched Silent Hill with Liz, it is a really bizarre film. I don’t really understand it, so of anyone out there would like to comment on the story line then please freel free! Fell asleep about 4am.

Went for lunch on Friday with Liz and Michelle then dropped Liz off at the station before meeting up with Claire in the Old Bar. I have not spent much quality time with Claire in ages for one reason and another. She has had dissertation and practical work to finih, then spent three weeks in Japan! It was really good just sitting down and having a few drinks with her again!

We were joined for a bit by Graeme and Sarann before they headed off to finish their coursework. Maths Chris popped by and had a drink or two before heading to bed!

We eventually joined up with a crowd about 9pm, Matt, kat, Sarann, Michelle, Kieran, Heather, Worfolk and a few others - turned into a really good old fashioned piss up at the Ale Festival. Time flew by and before we knew it we were all quite drunk and getting kicked out!

4 Responses to “Fetivale!”

  1. Chris Worfolk Says:

    Ok, for anyone who hasn’t seen Silent Hill I’m about to spoil it so consider this an ample spoiler warning.

    I don’t fully understand it myself although I really do love the film. How much of it did you get? Did you get the point that they didn’t actually survive the accident and everything beyond that wasn’t real.

    Beyond that, the demon that haunted the townspeople was essentially the spirit of the girl they murdered or their guilty conscience, whatever way you want to look at it.

  2. Norm Says:

    Ah, then i did get it…..


  3. Michelle Says:

    Eww, horrible film :( Chris made me go see it!

  4. Lizzie Says:

    It wasnt horrid :P It was well funny! Cant believe I didnt stay in the cinema nad watch it, it was proper tame! LoL! :D

    I wanna watch that film with the clown again … or at all .. I missed loads of it!!!

    Oh and Norm, get some proper scary films in!!
    Give us summits to do when we’re drunk :P

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