Sky Diving

Posted by Norm on May 25th, 2007 filed in General, Sport

Apparantly my blog shows a distinct lack of homage to the sport of skydiving. My friend Steve is an amateur skydiver, jumping out of perfectly operable aeroplanes for fun!

I have been reliably informed that skydiving is de rigeur, the mutts nuts etc. The most masculine of all sports, the place to be, the thing to do. Apparantly the rush of adrenaline that accompanies free falling through the sky, under the sole influence of gravity and a giant silk sheet is something that all men (and women) should experience. It is the ultimate narcotic. Exhilerating, exciting, thrilling etc etc. Forget horse racing, sky diving is the sport of Kings!

Steve tells me that in many ways sky diving is better than sex! He has been jumping out of planes for a couple of years now and has many many jumps under his belt. I trust his judgement that it is fun, just can’t quite see me doing it - despite Steve’s best efforts to persuade me! I just cannot understand the mentality that allows someone to jump out of a plane that is capable of landing under its own steam!

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  1. Tom T. T. Enjin Says:

    So, this Steve thinks jumping out of planes is better than sex? Could it be that what this Steve is really trying to say is that he enjoys spending quality time with lots of men in harnesses, and couldn’t it also be inferred that ’sky diving’ is in fact a euphemism for tea-bagging? After all, both involve feeling a gush of, ahem, wind in the face from their respective positions! Come on Steve, get out of that closet (or plane, if you like) and admit you’re a man who likes lamps…

  2. Lizzie Says:

    Ya’ll can get f***** if ya think Im jumpin out of a bloody plane!!!!

    And its no way better than sex, nothing is better than sex!!!!

    NOTHING .. Do you hear me? :P

    In conclusion, sky diving can kiss my a** .. but Kudos to those who have the balls to do it ;)

    But I think I’ll stick to sex for now thanks!


  3. Norm Says:


    Skydiving is one word - please read all references to it as one word.

    Also, skydiving is ALWAYS better than sex according to Steve.

  4. Michelle Says:

    I think it sounds like fun. Sure, you could ask why jump out of a perfectly fine plane, but in the same way you could ask “why?” about nearly anything fun in life. I love swimming, and have jumped off a perfectly fine boat in order to do it. Less scary, and possibly less fun (also less expensive), but why not (and I know, there are multiple reasons, but when has that ever stopped anyone but Kieran doing stupid stuff?)? Skydiving is one of those things that I think it would be good to give a go at some point, just cause you can!

  5. Guess who Says:

    HE WAS S*** IN BED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Norm Says:

    Hmm, an anonymous comment about someone not performing their marital duties to the required standard, I wonder who it is and who it is referring to?

    Come on own up, a man can never improve without constructive criticism!

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