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What I have been up to this week 2010-04-04

  • Sat with bunch of young teens on train. Driving me insane. Plus Gainsbrorough looks a bit shit when its overrun with travellers. #
  • RT @ah8r: *sigh* I really fucking hate socialists… #
  • Lol – the conducter keeps shortening the stations. So far we have had Wakey, Donny, Scunny, Grimmy and Sheff. #
  • On my way to Lincoln now. East Coast wifi is worse than ever! #
  • Heading to bed now. Great night in with @BinaryMage and @chrisworfolk amongst others. Not long til seeing @lizziemoogle in lincoln tomorrow. #
  • Meeting @chrisworfolk for some tea and maybe some hardcore sex games. Lincoln with @lizziemoogle 2moro after work. Sorry @gibmasterflash :-(#
  • RT @jimmycarr: The real reason Easter is on a different day each year is because sometimes it's difficult to remember which lie you told. #
  • RT @jimmycarr: If we're all Gods children – what's so special about Jesus? Shouldn't mock, it's Good Friday & Jesus started the #ff thing! #
  • Just listened to 'hips don't lie' (the fray's cover version) and it STILL reminds me of the crazy YouTube vid! #
  • Can't believe West Ham. #footballshame #
  • So, I'm sharing this bus stop with unlucky people that got to work the bank holiday and ladies who are still out from last night! #
  • Should have been 2 number 4s whilst I've been at stop. Still no sign! #timetablefail #
  • http://twitpic.com/1cf0zh – Mmm. Cock cake. #
  • Time for bed, said Zebedee. Who am I to argue with a man with a spring for legs? #
  • Off home to my powerless house :-( engineer can't get here til the morning so another night without electrickery. #
  • On my way home from @leedsatheistsoc #ReasonWeek planning meeting. Went ok for a @leedsatheistsoc #ReasonWeek planning meeting, lol. #
  • RT @willwybrow: Holy crap you guys this website has the coolest interface in history http://bit.ly/4gB6Xk Ive just wasted 10mins playing! #
  • Sign this petition if you give a crap about life…http://bit.ly/daVPMi #
  • Can't believe the UK are going to send a friend of mine back to pakistan where he faces certain execution for apostasy! #
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