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What I have been up to this week 2011-06-26

  • When its sunny in am I don't take coat to work then it pisses it down. When I do take coat its fucking roasting. #sodslaw #
  • Noooooo RT @stephenfry: Oh no :( Just heard. Peter Falk, who played Columbo, TV's greatest EVER detective, has died. #
  • So, my earlier tweet about 1st date started a debate. Also, the girl involved doesn't remember it, lol. #
  • Apparently me saying that I'd polished off @Laura_Gibney 's sausage is amusing to @andrew_gibney #
  • I'm in London Thurs-Sat next week. Anyone fancy donating some sofa/floor space? #
  • Can't believe that 11 years ago last week I went on first date with first serious girlfriend. Man I feel old. #
  • Forgot coat again today. Fail. #
  • Argh, overslept. Too much magic on PS3 I guess. Tho would have been worse had people been online to play me. Chickens. #
  • RT @thefootyblognet: Just seen an ad for the Wii, now surely that console is shouting out for a Ghostbusters game! #
  • That's 300-500 quid I won't see again… (Like the pun…?) #
  • Why do my glasses insist on breaking at the most inopportune moments!! Especially when I have an already expensive month in front of me?! #
  • Oooh, @Opera_North is recruiting. Time for a career change? #
  • Well a really unproductive evening. And I loved it :-) now to turn up the intensity. Climbing 3 mountains in a month!! #
  • Apparently I won a book. Looks cultured and intelligent. What one would call a coffee table book. Its a photo art book about poverty. #
  • A little over a month until I'm up in the Dales doing #3peakschallenge . You can sponsor me here http://t.co/WhciDhM . #
  • Insomnia is so full of fail. #
  • I'm doing #3peakschallenge in July and need to raise some money. Please support me at http://t.co/WhciDhM RTs appreciated. #
  • I am doing the #3peakschallenge for @cwfnews in July. Please support me and the charity at http://t.co/WhciDhM #
  • I’m raising money for Chris Worfolk Foundation. Please sponsor me at http://t.co/WhciDhM #
  • My new haircut. The barber wanted an extra 20 quid to run a razor over it and then @Viki_Chan forgot today. http://lockerz.com/s/112320679 #
  • Blurry, but indicative, shot of the fun at #wendy last night. @sarannity @TeeEssEll @theblindking and @MR_OJR http://lockerz.com/s/112314691 #
  • Probably not the sort of pic that should be on internet, but here is @sarannity attached to @MR_OJR crotch. http://lockerz.com/s/112313808 #
  • A sultry looking @sarannity at #wendy house last night. http://lockerz.com/s/112313347 #
  • Lol, wow is in the film I'm watching. The kid is killing naga in stranglethorn. #
  • Competed the trial og MTG duels of the planeswalkers on ps3. #
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