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What I have been up to this week 2011-10-30

October 30th, 2011 Leave a comment Go to comments
  • Thai food was not my greatest idea #
  • NINJA LEGO!!!!!! #
  • At the cinema to see Johnny English:Reborn. Loved the 1st one, so big hopes for the sequel. With @chrisworfolk and @elanlei making babies #
  • Just paid 10 pounds for cinema tickets #
  • Any one fancy entertaining me whilst I'm I'll? #
  • Off out for steak/ribs for @chrisworfolk birthday. #
  • W00t back in Leeds. Hot chocolate then bed I think. #
  • Apparently we're getting busses and it's going to take 90mins :(#
  • All the fucking trains to Leeds are delayed cos somebody did something stupid. #
  • Good night in Sheffield. Their president is lovely and knows @shiningpalace apparently. #smallworld #
  • At Sheffield Atheist Society to give talk on Humanism. #
  • At Leeds train station waiting on the train to Sheffield. Apparently its a fair old walk from station to uni. #
  • This job would be so much easier if I wasn't restricted to a windows laptop :(#
  • Gah, the insomnia is back. Been wanting to sleep since about 9.30. #
  • Spent the last hour catching up on blizzcon. WoW stuff is underwhelming to say the least :( I need a new game to play… /quit wow. #
  • Just about beat my hangover :) thou now less than 7 hours til I'm up again for work. #
  • Food based nightmares due to our @xilo Internet being flaky #
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