WoW Marathon Day 1

Posted by Norm on December 12th, 2007 filed in Friends, General

0000 - 0400

Day 1 of the Chrismukka WoW marathon has officially ended. The marathon started at mignight and will last for 72 hours, stopping only for sleep and server maintenance.

This first session saw myself, Chris, MC, Phil, Michelle and George power through to level 8 or so. We probably would have managed more had we not had some connection issues early on - meaning we lost a player :(

This is a relatively short post as we are still fairly close to where we started - lets hope we can pick the pace up tomorrow at 10am when the servers restart.

We have covered the human starting area and most of the first zone. For those in the know we have just taken out Princess and explored Jasperlode mine.

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