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5 Games In

April 29th, 2010 No comments

As part of my summer project to follow Chicago Fire I will be posting periodically about their progress and any notable achievements and such.

The Fire’s season is five games old and after a rocky start (lost two of first three games) we have pulled back to a 2-1-2 (wins – draws – losses) record and seem to be finding the net pretty regularly. Back to back 2-0 wins over D.C. United then Hosuton Dynamo have given us some great momentum for our next few matches – Toronto FC, Kansa City Wizards and FC Dallas.

Brian Mcride is leading from the front, scoring 2 of our 7 goals to date. I always had a lot of time for McBride at Fulham and think that he is probably going to end up top scorer for the Fire this season if he can stay fit and healthy. He really is going to be the key to any success this season.

Major League Soccer

April 28th, 2010 1 comment

Following a conversation with Andrew I have decided to make a concerted effort to show some support to an MLS team this season. With Andrew picking New England Revolution and Matt picking the team from Philly, I decided to stick to my curreny US sports city allegiance and pick Chicago Fire.

The team was founded in 1997 and entered the MLS in 1998 with immediate success winning the MLS Cup and US Open Cup double in their first season. The team followed up this success by reaching the MLS Cup final in 2000, losing to DC United, and also winning the US Open Cup that year. This initial success was attributed to a squad with the ideal mix of experience and youth.

Notable players in the club’s history include Hristo Stoitchkov, Paulo Wanchope, Piotr Nowak, DaMarcus Beasley, Jorge Campos, Josh Wolff and Eric Wynalda. The club’s first coach was Bob Bradley.

The current squad is coached by Carlos de los Cobos and captained by former Fulham ace Brian McBride, it also includes players such as former Premier League striker Collins John.

What I have been up to this week 2010-04-25

April 25th, 2010 No comments
  • Shouldn't have eaten the curry so soon after being ill :-( could this spell the end of my #reasonweek all night debate? #
  • Tonight's #reasonweek dinner is gonna be awesome. Curry ftw. #
  • Just sold my car to a random walking past the house :S #
  • Last 24 hours of #reasonweek which can mean only one thing :-) @leedsatheistsoc will soon be running #allnightdebate #
  • Right, its apple vs RIM time. My iPod failed to charge over night and I need it to last til midnight otherwise the BB will replace it. #
  • Talking of #thingsthatnazisdid @leedsatheistsoc presents @chrisworfolk and @bigsaltyjohn giving a talk and transhumanism and eugenics on fri #
  • RT @DrEvanHarris: YouGov/Sun: LDEM 34% (+3), CON 31% (-2), LAB 26% (-1) #
  • So apparantly I've offended a young lady by giving her a compliment #itspoliticalcorrectnessgonemad #
  • So, about to find out if Islam provides all you need to live a good and happy life. #reasonweek #
  • Seriously tempted by the offer to join @gibmasterflash and @lauraaisthorpe in the carribbean for their wedding. #
  • Off to join @leedsatheistsoc for another evening :-) I'm debating Ahlul Bayt Society tonight. #reasonweek #
  • Just left the doctor's. Problems with my back is all I need right now. Right, off to find a bus to work. #
  • Last tweet was supposed to end"…shitty end". #
  • Good day but seriously end :(#
  • The #reasonweek madness has begun :-) year or prep coming together. Pics of marquee to follow. #
  • Less than 12 hours til @leedsatheistsoc kick off #reasonweek :-) yours truly is the opening act too. Opp EB library at leeds uni-talk at 1pm #
  • Discussing Humanism in the rather swish 'Burns Bar' :-)#

What I have been up to this week 2010-04-18

April 18th, 2010 No comments
  • Will definitely write a blog post about how my homepathic beer plan was ruined by physics :( #damnyouscience #
  • Just realised my homeopathic beer empire has hit a snag – the mass of the bottles of beer is 10^62 times the mass of the visible universe! #
  • I am actually making some homeopathic beer for my talk tomorrow :) 1 bottle of Stella will make me roughly 10^118 bottles of 60C beer :) WIN #
  • Congratulations to @gibmasterflash and @lauraaisthorpe ! #
  • LOL! @lizziemoogle just cut her finger on her sock! #
  • On my way home. Couple of talks to write and a debate to prep for but looking forward to some time off :-)#
  • The old Saturday crew back together today. Gonna be weird having a full complement at work, lol. #
  • FFS RT @NatSecSoc: Lord Carey warns of ‘civil unrest’ if judges dont allow Christians to discriminate agaist gay people #
  • RT @RichardWiseman: Pls RT: It's official – The British Chiropractic Association happily promote bogus therapies without a jot of evidence! #
  • Also, 2x 45min videos, 14hrs of wifi connection, 14hrs of UberTwitter running, several calls, texts and emails and 6% batter used :-)#
  • So my Bold came with a cheeky 2GB memory card :-) watching The Mentalist on way to work = win. #
  • Finally sorted my Bold :-) loving it already. Absolutely pisses all over the iPhone I was tempted by for a few scary minutes! 5 thumbs up! #
  • New staff tariff at work leaves me 50 quid worse off and tied into a 24mth contract :-(#
  • RT @DrEvanHarris: Try this. It's interesting. I am overwhelmingly LIB DEM …Im still a weird tory/libdem hybrid #
  • RT @DrEvanHarris: RT @MitchBenn: Helping @MsClara set up her iPhone has quite tired me out. Fortunately there's a nap for that. #
  • Knew twitter ads were comiong, but still a little taken aback that they are actually being implemented :-(#
  • No FTR this morning on the No4. Just a regular double decker. Not sure what's so futuristic about the FTR anyway, lol. #
  • I wish politics was about policies. I hate all the spoofs and attacks etc. Want the best politicians running my country not the best PR firm #
  • Also, who uses Yahoo/Gmail etc email if they are running for parliament? It costs like 60 quid a year to have your own domian/email! #
  • Can't sleep, so emailed every Tory candidate I could find email addresses for to ask their position on evidence based policy. 521 emails. #
  • RT @thinkbroadband: Labour manifesto promises "broadband service of at least two megabytes per second by 2012". << lol – epic /typefail #

What I have been up to this week 2010-04-11

April 11th, 2010 No comments
  • Ray Mears has moved to ITV. What is this world I live in?? #
  • Uninstalled Firefox and Replaced with Chrome today. Sick of FireFox leeching my resources-checked today and it was using over 1GB of memory! #
  • #FollowFriday – it is common sense's turn: @DrEvanHarris @ProfBrianCox @SLSingh @bengoldacre @johannhari101 @RichardWiseman #
  • Lucas looks good when playing as an attacker. Ramires looks a top player too. #
  • Stupid migraines :-(#
  • Bed time for me. Work in the morning and not slept properly in ages :-(#
  • Crazy fundies out on Briggate. #funtimes09 #
  • Who the hell pays £15 for a mouse mat? #
  • Just signed up to try and help @DrEvanHarris keep his seat. If you value reason and evidence based policies then check him out. #
  • Started a rogue alt today. Joined #teamhelpzor #
  • That's the bank holiday weekend over. Got next 2 bank holidays shifts booked. #loadsamoney #
  • Manager at work: 'why do I have a 'no input error on my pc'?' Me: 'helps if you turn PC on'. Lol. #
  • Bbq chicken panini, toploader's 'dancing in the moonlight' blaring out. Would hardly notice I was at work! #
  • Just waiting for bus. Gotta love working 13 days out of 14 :-S #
  • Leaving Lincoln and heading back to Leeds. Back to work tomorrow. #

Reason Week 2010

April 9th, 2010 No comments

That’s right folks, it is that time of year again. The name might have changed and the tent might be in a different place to previous years, but Reason Week 2010 is going to be as epic as its predecessors!

Reason Week 2010 is going to focus its theme on science and ethics with talks on homeopathy (given by yours truly), freedom of expression and whether vitamin supplements do more harm than good. As usual there will be a plethora of debates, with the CU and new for this year AbSoc (a sect of Islam).

RW2010 kicks off in just over a week (17th April) and if you want more info then drop me a line or leave a comment. Alternatively, visit the Leeds Atheist Society’s web site for details.

What I have been up to this week 2010-04-04

April 4th, 2010 No comments
  • Sat with bunch of young teens on train. Driving me insane. Plus Gainsbrorough looks a bit shit when its overrun with travellers. #
  • RT @ah8r: *sigh* I really fucking hate socialists… #
  • Lol – the conducter keeps shortening the stations. So far we have had Wakey, Donny, Scunny, Grimmy and Sheff. #
  • On my way to Lincoln now. East Coast wifi is worse than ever! #
  • Heading to bed now. Great night in with @BinaryMage and @chrisworfolk amongst others. Not long til seeing @lizziemoogle in lincoln tomorrow. #
  • Meeting @chrisworfolk for some tea and maybe some hardcore sex games. Lincoln with @lizziemoogle 2moro after work. Sorry @gibmasterflash :-(#
  • RT @jimmycarr: The real reason Easter is on a different day each year is because sometimes it's difficult to remember which lie you told. #
  • RT @jimmycarr: If we're all Gods children – what's so special about Jesus? Shouldn't mock, it's Good Friday & Jesus started the #ff thing! #
  • Just listened to 'hips don't lie' (the fray's cover version) and it STILL reminds me of the crazy YouTube vid! #
  • Can't believe West Ham. #footballshame #
  • So, I'm sharing this bus stop with unlucky people that got to work the bank holiday and ladies who are still out from last night! #
  • Should have been 2 number 4s whilst I've been at stop. Still no sign! #timetablefail #
  • – Mmm. Cock cake. #
  • Time for bed, said Zebedee. Who am I to argue with a man with a spring for legs? #
  • Off home to my powerless house :-( engineer can't get here til the morning so another night without electrickery. #
  • On my way home from @leedsatheistsoc #ReasonWeek planning meeting. Went ok for a @leedsatheistsoc #ReasonWeek planning meeting, lol. #
  • RT @willwybrow: Holy crap you guys this website has the coolest interface in history Ive just wasted 10mins playing! #
  • Sign this petition if you give a crap about life… #
  • Can't believe the UK are going to send a friend of mine back to pakistan where he faces certain execution for apostasy! #

UK want to send an atheist to his death!

April 1st, 2010 No comments

Community groups across Leeds have come together to unite behind a campaign to save an openly atheist doctor from being deported to Pakistan where he faces persecution for his beliefs. The campaign is designed to raise awareness via the media as well as social networking sites and an online petition.

Dr. Shaukat Aman Ullah became heavily involved with local atheist and humanist groups while studying for his doctorate at the University of Leeds. Dr. Ullah was in the UK on a student visa and applied for asylum on the completion of his Ph.D. His application was rejected in March; he is currently appealing the ruling.

Chris Worfolk, trustee of the National Federation of Atheist, Humanist & Secular Student Societies said:

This is exactly what our asylum laws were set up for. Here is an individual who faces genuine persecution for his beliefs in his own country. If we truly value freedom of expression and the right to your own beliefs we must grant asylum.

Sophie Stringfellow, president of Leeds Atheist Society said:

Being part of the Atheist Society has really opened my eyes as to how some people view non-belivers, even in modern society. If we encounter this attitude in a secular country such as the UK, I fear what attitudes may be encountered in Parkistan.

Parkistan has no separation of church and state and 95% of the population are Muslim. Apostasy is punishable by death, as is speaking out against Islam (as this is considered blasphemy).

Since the decision a coalition of Leeds community groups, led by Leeds Atheist Society have come together in order to raise awareness of Dr. Ullah’s case. Dr. Richard Parker of the Leeds-based Humanist Action Group commented:

It’s amazing to see how many people have volunteered to help spread the word. I would strongly urge everyone to sign the petition and show their support.

Arslan is a personal friend of mine and is already receiving death threats from people who wish to punish him for his decision to reject Islam. Support this campaign and sign the petition. If you have any messages of support or would like to get involved with the campiagn then either contact me or join the Facebook group and leave a message there.