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What I have been up to this week 2010-05-30

May 30th, 2010 No comments
  • I'm such a n00b! #
  • Top tip: drinking too much during day screws up plans for evening. Always start slow! #
  • Bit of a miserable day outside. Not the hot, sunny day I was hoping for. #
  • Adversity is a real test of friends. Those that have stepped to fore over the last few weeks were not always the ones I expected :-)#
  • Stupid 64 went early. What is it with buses and the number 4??!! #
  • Just stood next to young lady (mid 20s) at bus stop whose perfume reminds me of my very first girlfriend. Weird. #
  • Looking forward to dinner with @sarannity tonight :-) had extra meat at lunch tho to make up for vegetarian fayre-which is delicious :-)#
  • I think I want my own personality cult. Might make that last step of #operationrenaissance #
  • Also #operationrenaissance fits quite nicely with #eurotrip2010 :-)#
  • Decided on new operation name. Was tempted by Operation Metempsychosis but decided too pretentios, so going with #OperationRenaissance #
  • Also step 2 in Operation "get life back on track" is coming on quite nicely. Need catchier operation name tho. Suggestions? #
  • Night off tonight :-) no plans at all. Feels quite liberating actually. Rest of weekend booked up so should prob start my #enquiry2010 talk #
  • Step 1 in Operation "get life back on track" complete :-)#
  • Right. I'm gonna man up. Those that treated me badly aren't gonna learn their lesson, so no point me wasting my time on them. #
  • An eventful 24hrs all in all. Best of people and the worst of people in seemingly random jumps. #
  • Finally! RT @thinkbroadband: O2 clarifies limit on 'unlimited' broadband package #
  • So yeah. Job interview + recent ex announcing new fella + new flat falling through = bad day. Pretty low right now. #
  • I had to stop my mum calling the police about @O2 niggles ad. She thought it was racist! I think its pretty bad and would put me off. #
  • I've now looked at about 10 houses and not really any closer to a solution. Really have to decide by the end of the week :-(#
  • Just started preliminary listing for #eurotrip2010 playlist. Need 1 list for driving, 1 for chilling and 1 for partying in french villa. #

What I have been up to this week 2010-05-23

May 23rd, 2010 No comments
  • Get in there Blackpool. Already sorting out which games to go to, lol. #
  • Up at half time #blackpoolforpremierleague #
  • Blackpool v Cardiff. Winner to play Pemier League football next season! Come on Blackpool!!! #
  • Last 2 weeks to get your #enquiry2010 tickets. Speakers-AC Grayling, Andrew Copson, @DrEvanHarris, Maryam Namazie, Anthony Lempert and more! #
  • Just struck me how blatant the Apple product placement is in House! Its starting to really annoy me now I've noticed. #
  • Apparently builder is finished and landlord wants to inspect on Monday. So much for chilled out weekend of football and beer :(#
  • RT @gibmasterflash: Right I'm on 99 followers anyone wanna reweet this so I might get to 100 #
  • Heading home early to move some furniture so builders can get access to window etc. fun stuff. #
  • Hmm, dreamt about a new application server. I wonder if I should act on that dream? My subconscious is very insistent. #
  • Productive evening considering I didn't finish work til 9. Managed to rebuild my home network to increase security :-)#
  • So, I can get a Sega Mega Drive free from work with 15 games !! #
  • So, appears I am invisible. Dr Rich walked straight past me this morning despite me shouting quite loudly. #
  • 13 hours down, 44 hours to go for this week. Gotta love overtime availability and domestic issues :S #
  • Is it wrong that I've remapped my BB keyboard to Dvorak? #
  • Anyone remember a BBC drama set in Serbia called Warriors? Had Damian Lewis and the scouser from Spooks in it. #
  • Band of brothers on blu-ray then bed I think. #
  • So, 12hr days seem like a fucking holiday compared to be being at home right now. #
  • RT @jackofkent: "Come friendly bombs and fall on Slough!" #twitterjoketrial Everyone please RT. #
  • At the half way stage of today's money grabbing. #
  • This is just a silly time to start the day. Not sure what to do with my afternoon. Estate agent cancelled half my viewings. Ideas? #
  • Welcome @wyhumanists to Twitter :)#
  • #enquiry2010 website #atheist #skeptic #humanism in the 21st century! Great speaker line-up #
  • Blog post about #enquiry2010 should be fibished today :-) if you care about the future of #skeptic #atheist #humanism in 21st C then sign up #
  • Waiting for the number 4 to take me home. Went to @gibmasterflash and @lauraaisthorpe place last night. Thanks for the hospitality! #

What I have been up to this week 2010-05-16

May 16th, 2010 No comments
  • Morning tweeps. Got that weird feeling where you know the hangover is coming but it hasn't got here yet. #
  • Forgot just how many rah's inhabit Headingley. Tho the current fashion for showing arse cheek is pretty cool :-)#
  • Sat in Citrus drinking Duvel with @gibmasterflash @lauraaisthorpe et al. Getting a little merry now. #
  • Off to headingley with the work gang for Amy n Jemma's bdays. As usual they are running late, lol. #
  • Working til 5 then off out to headingley to celebrate amy and jemma's bdays. Might go ols kool and hit up Wendy after ;-)#
  • RT @jackofkent: One more push for #IherebydefameUriGellerFriday in this mere dry run for next week's #IherebydefametheChurchofScientology #
  • RT @jackofkent: I hereby defame Uri Geller #IherebydefameUriGellerFriday #
  • RT @jackofkent: Just under three hours to potentially key #Osler decision on libel and blogging #LibelReform #
  • Will take cardiff. #
  • Europa league final and 2nd champ playoff semi in extra time. Which to watch? #
  • Fuck me! The no4 was on the dot on time! #
  • Kinda wish I had developed a more diverse social circle. Not many people/places left that don't remind me of her. Not easy. All just hit me. #
  • 13hr day over. To do list almost finished. Got builders in over weekend, any one got any ideas what I should do instead of staying in? #
  • Working a 13 hour day today. Overtime in necessary at the moment, but I also have a massive to-do list to get through so I'm pretty pleased. #
  • Vince Cable as business sec is awesome, might get rid of DEBill :-) also elected which is an improvement on Mandy. #
  • Really happy with events today :-) moderate (even liberal) conservative government and blackpool through to championship playoff final #
  • Got to the pub just in time for the Campbell hat trick :-)#
  • My combined work and personal 'to-do' list just hit 7 pages of A4! This is just my shitty short term list too. #listsarecool #
  • So, is today crunch time. Lib-Con or Lib-Lab? Clegg must know that a coalition with Tories gives him best hope next election. #
  • Downloaded an awesome bible app for my Blackberry. Keyword search, 21 translations, tweetable and facebookable verses. Me 1, christians 0 #
  • Only 4 months til the boys hit Europe! Gonna be an epic road trip with @BinaryMage @chrisworfolk and @kieranoshea :-) #roadtrip2010 #
  • Gah, I hate it when its rainy when I leave for work then sunny when I leave. Just look a twat with umbrella and rain coat. #
  • Half day at work today. To be fair I shouldn't have been in at all, but still, half day is half day :-)#
  • Come to #enquiry2010 RT @SLSingh: Major skeptic/atheist conference in Birmingham in June – #

Another speaking engagement

May 10th, 2010 No comments

I have just had confirmation that I will be speaking at this year’s Enquiry conference in Birmingham in June. I am not sure yet what I am speaking on, but the theme for the event is on “atheism in the 21st century” so should be a really great opportunity. What is most exciting is that I am speaking on the same bill as people like Professor A.C. Grayling, Dr Evan Harris, Andrew Copson and Maryam Namazie. What a coup!

What I have been up to this week 2010-05-09

May 9th, 2010 No comments
  • Only an hour left of shift, then got to fight 35000 leeds fans to get home… Not gonna be fun of leeds don't go up! #
  • Good job Blackpool. Ahead going to City Ground :-)#
  • 9hrs at work today with no lunch break. How I love the overtime system at work… #
  • Oh, I forgot… Lord @DrEvanHarris as whoever it is that chooses what stuff gets 2 debate etc so he can overrule anything unscientific. #
  • My Con/Lib Dem dream team: PM-David Cameron Chanc-Vince Cable, HomeSec-Nick Clegg, ForeignSec-William Hague JusticeSec-George Osborne. #
  • Only been awake 34 of the last 36 hours. Let's go for the burn. #
  • Not a bad #ge2010 party at @chrisworfolk 's place. Late show by @MR_OJR was a suprise. Loved how old and grumpy Pax was :-)#
  • Up for work. Gave up about 5.30, so pretty fucked. Still no idea who will run the country… #
  • Still up watching the results. Sleep is for the weak! Sad news for @DrEvanHarris :-( dark day for common sense and evidence based policy. #
  • And whilst doing it rescue the country from its mountain of debt, put the power back into the provate sector and free up market forces. #
  • And by drinking the blood we gain the power to become thatcher clones and kill all the gays and unmarried folk. #
  • Off to #ge2010 party with @chrisworfolk Us capitalists need to gather together to drink the blood of labourites and socialists. #
  • The scene in my local polling station reminded me of the episode of the West Wing where Josh gets annoyed at voters who rule 20. #
  • Enjoying my Englishness today. Fish&chip supper, voting, saying sorry to someone that bumped me and complimenting something that was shit. #
  • RT @ProfBrianCox: Apparently, if you say climate change skeptics are nobbers, you get loads of angry tweets :-)#
  • Today is dragging horribly. Maybe its the excitement of voting although I'm pretty sure its the idiots that keep phoning me and lying to me. #
  • Its decision day y'all. I think I'm going to vote lib dem today. Mainly cos I'm in a seat that the tories have basically never won. Ever. #
  • This song is getting me through this week :S Tim Minchin – If I Didn't Have You #
  • Just over 12 hrs til those polling stations open-who y'all going for? Im still torn between party policy and individual idiocy. Hmm. #
  • RT @DrEvanHarris:Evan still needs hlp 2 win.If u can help fone Evans supporters today/tomoro 2 get them 2 vote, email #
  • 24 hrs to make up mind who to vote for.wish I lived in a marginal :-( gonna add that to my housing requirements. 1,broadband 2.marginal seat #
  • Anyone else think belmarsh is a bad name for a new housing development? #iliveinaprison :-p #
  • My talk for @leedsatheistsoc went ok. Think it always help to play @timminchin 'storm' as the finale :-)#
  • Giving a presentation at @leedsatheistsoc tonight on #atheists in the media. Mainly a chance to show you tube videos of famous atheists. #
  • RT @RufusHound: RT @michaellegge: Christian Peoples Alliance says a vote for them brings you closer to God. That just sounds like a threat. #
  • RT @DrEvanHarris: @RayPeacock @RobinInce – how can you not vote for a man that tweets about xkcd? Come on oxford west! #
  • Thanks to all for the messages :-) @malahath @sarannity @theblindking @gibmasterflash @NQRW in other news-can I justify 500quid rent? #
  • Now the number 3 is running late. FFS. #
  • Stupid number 4 bus. If it doesn't come on time on bank holidays I'm late for work, guess what? Its late. #
  • I don't think the full magnitude of what's happened has hit me yet. Still just numb and in shock. #
  • I don't think I'm gonna get used to being single again. Life is just so different when there is nobody at home to share it with. #
  • RT @RufusHound: @pzmyers: Can U help? Getting a count of atheists on twitter by hashtag! If youre an atheist, RT this whole message #atheist #

What I have been up to this week 2010-05-02

May 2nd, 2010 No comments
  • Hmm, can't decide if this new early start time on a sat is a good thing. Means I'm done before 2 but also I start before 8!! #
  • The no4 was on on time! Or rather the no4 from earlier was late enough to appear on time for me :-)#
  • Another day, another dollar. Often feels like I'm actually earning dollars for all the spending power my salary gives me atm, lol. #
  • So #firstleeds that's ANOTHER No4 bus that hasn't shown up. I want my 80quid a month back!! #
  • Correlation versus causation example – everytime I am late, all my connecting busses run late. Ergo my lateness causes busses to run late! #
  • Back to work tomorrow. Night all. #