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What I have been up to this week 2010-06-27

June 27th, 2010 No comments
  • Beer, sun and good conversation. Life is pretty sweet right now :-)#
  • Early lunch on work days suck, but am hungry so will have to manage. #
  • Free drinks, pizza and cake in Glasgow today :-) I do love free stuff!! #
  • Yum. Black pudding, haggis and lorne sausage for breakfast :-) bet @gibmasterflash would be proud, lol. #
  • Well I'm in Scotland. Sunny all the way the border' now grey and murky. #
  • Still can't get used to 6 forward gears in my hire car. Also 50mpg is pretty sweet. #
  • Busy few days ahead. Off to Glasgow via Preston for 11am Wednesday, then prob not getting back to Leeds til early hours Friday. #
  • Who would have guessed it would take 3 cleaners to sort out Chris's place!! Crazy. #
  • The South American contingent at #wc2010 look good. Europe be afraid!! #

What I have been up to this week 2010-06-20

June 20th, 2010 No comments
  • Gonna enjoy me some football today and chill out. #
  • Sorry but whoever decided not to have KFC in Leeds city centre is a prat. #
  • Somebody somewhere must be up for a nightcap?! #
  • So I've given up. I'm not strong enough to deal with the chuckle brothers in public yet. Driven me to drink. #
  • At Wendy House in school uniform. Main test now is how to deal with tweedle dee and tweedle dum. Its been a while since last bar fight. #
  • 2 full days off now :-) first time in quite a while!! Part of me thinks I should chill out, the other wants to finish unpacking. Hmm. Tough. #
  • Station to home in 4 mins ? #
  • So fucking close to Leeds but train now sat waiting for no discernible reason. 13mins to KO. #
  • East Coast trains wifi sucks ass!!! My £250 ticket should guarentee fucking internet access. Seriously pissed off now. #
  • Just finishing up in London. Wined and dined by Sapient for last two days :-) If I'm lucky I will be home for England game! #
  • Off to London (tho technically been off to London for an hour as I left Leeds at 6.40). #
  • Gah, 2 packages delivered today whilst I'm at work :( not gonna be able to pick them up til Sat at earliest :-(#
  • RT @bengoldacre: 6-story Jesus statue in Ohio struck by lightning 8 minutes ago: if these are the end times, you heard it on twitter #
  • Just finished gym induction, managed half a dozen boxes of unpacking and 20mins on the treadmill :-) now for steak night, lol. #
  • Train and hotel booked for London, car booked for Glasgow. Expenses incurred so far – 500 quid!! #
  • First night done and dusted. Getting up at 7am for work is still a novelty :-) The real hard work starts tonight – unpacking :-(#
  • First night done and dusted. Getting up at 7am for work is still a novelty :-) The real hard work starts tonight – unpacking :-(#
  • First night done and dusted. Getting up at 7am for work is still a novelty :-) The real hard work starts tonight – unpacking :-(#
  • First night done and dusted. Getting up at 7am for work is still a novelty :-) The real hard work starts tonight – unpacking :-(#
  • Moved into new flat, just settling down to first night (well first night as a tenant!!) #

End of a chapter

June 17th, 2010 No comments

Quite a lot of stuff has been happening over the last six weeks or so, I gave a presentation at Enquiry 2010, I moved in with Chris and George and Liz left me.

I will deal with the Liz situation first as it is the hardest one for me to write about and I am hoping that writing the second two bits will cheer me back up. About six weeks ago now Liz told me that she had had enough of being in a relationship and that she wanted to experience some of her life as a single woman so that she could really develop herself and come to terms with where she wants to be in life. I was gutted when she started to explain this to me as these ‘breaks’ are almost always permanent. The more she explained herself though, the more I came to understand where she was coming from. Liz has not been single since she was 17 and 7 years of solid back to back relationships is pretty intense. The way she argued her corner was something I respected too. She really sold the idea to me, that this was a key part i her growing as a person and that it was the right thing to do for me to let her go. In the back of my mind I thought that after a suitable length of time we would be able to rekindle the romance and get back together, but I was wrong. So very wrong.

We split up on a Sunday and by the following Saturday she was shacked up with another guy – John-George Salter (someone I considered a good friend until all this kicked off). After everything Liz had said to me, she had left me for another man. Apparently this had been obvious to everyone but me so i guess I didn’t know Liz as well as I thought. Her speech to me the week or so earlier had been a lie. The worst thing about all this? Well, Liz and John might have got together so quickly after we split up but they didn’t tell me about it for another three weeks!

I could probably go on spouting venom and vitriol about the situation – which has really thrown me off course if I am honest – but neither Liz or John or worth it. They are both small people with small minds and no grace, dignity or honour. I shall leave that at that.

The second major event over the last few weeks was Enquiry 2010, a two day conference in Birmingham run by the Chris Worfolk Foundation. I spoke on the need to reinvent the branding and marketing strategies of the atheist and humanist movements to better suit today’s marketplace. I will post the text of my speech soon.

The final big thing was moving house. Obviously I needed a new place after Liz moved in with John. Initially, I looked at Morley as it is close to work, relatively cheap and totally away from memories of Liz. However, as time ran out I still hadn’t found anywhere suitable Chris made me a offer I couldn’t refuse. He offered me the box room in his flat in the city centre. For many reasons I felt this was a great choice. First up, I get to live with Chris and George, which is going to be fun! Next was cost, it will work out really cheap to live with two other people. Finally, it means I am not on my own. I have a history of not dealing with personal issues particularly well and I think the inbuilt support network of flatmates will really help offset my traditional head in the sand approach to my own issues.

What I have been up to this week 2010-06-13

June 13th, 2010 No comments
  • #worldcup starts soon. Got 12 cans of lager to last the day at work. Gutted I got to watch opening ceremony and 1st game at work :-(#

What I have been up to this week 2010-06-06

June 6th, 2010 No comments
  • Last day of #enquiry2010 today. Prof Grayling and @DrEvanHarris headlining :-) . Also speaking: dr antony lempert and dr gijsbert stoet. #
  • So a rave is happening outside the hostel window. #
  • In Birmingham for #enquiry2010 :-) awesome speaker line up including Chris French, Prof Grayling and @DrEvanHarris!! #
  • All gone again. This is the first time I've had network issues with @O2 I think they're slipping. #
  • GSM signal is back, but no data. Which is odd cos BiS is normally rock solid. #
  • Phone has mysteriously lost signal. Bizarre. Anyone know of any outages on @o2 mobile network? #
  • Well that's it :-) off work til Tuesday now. Got #enquiry2010 this weekend, then got Monday to move! #
  • Why do afternoons drag so much when I have stuff to do later? #
  • Got North Korea in the office World Cup sweepstake, lol. #
  • Only 2 days til #enquiry2010 :-) it's like #tamlondon but quarter of cost. Tickets via #
  • Managed to fall asleep before 6pm yesterday :-( missed @leedsatheistsoc meal and 4 hours of quality speech writing time. #
  • Wish the FA had done a better job announcing the England Squad for World Cup, but then I realised it was the FA. #
  • No idea how I have managed to bruise my hand. It hurts a lot when I use it for anything :-(#
  • Love @BinaryMage tweeting last night. Though can't decide if he ended up dissing the ZX Spectrum or humans, lol. #
  • Always nice to start the summer with a relatively easy Test win :-) runs for Trott and Strauss, wickets for Finn and Jimmy A bode well too. #
  • Yeah, just downloaded my free Dilbert app :-)#
  • Working today. Both good and bad. Basically free money, but also means only 1 day off this week :-(#