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What I have been up to this week 2011-06-19

  • RT @Psythor: David Pollock is talking about Homer – don't remember the episode he's describing though. #BHAConf #
  • The prevailing attitude seems to be to go for the Jeff Bridges from Ironman look. Now where did I put that razor, never shaved my head… #
  • Do I go for the Jeff Bridges from Iron Man look today? Am having a hair cut and bored of the usual look. #
  • Just caught up with the Movie Soundtrack concert from Salford on Radio 3. Fantastic stuff. Also Paloma Faith has good taste in film. #
  • Exciting times. Se7en is on Stevey. #
  • Well she won and made it to final too. #winning #
  • Tho she is now singing a song about Mao whilst holding a 'little red book'. #
  • Really weird watching an Oriental performer doing Western opera. A very nice weird tho. #
  • Good luck to the @ahsstudents quiz team at #bhaconf hope they beat the @BHAnews team. #
  • Just been refused service in the D cos of my tshirt. #
  • The 15 quid I spent on my desk fan is by far and away the best decision I've ever made. #
  • How many lices of lemon/lime in my cocktails do I need before I get my 5 a day? #middleclassnightmares #
  • RT @levarburton: Apparently today is "Captain Picard Day"… In observance I'm ending every sentence with, 'make it so'! #
  • Hmm, would the world be a better place if we could kill bad dates? #
  • Gah, just occurred to me I've got to find a hotel in London during Wimbledon :-(#
  • Wonder if there will be any work to do tomorrow or just more YouTube? Might get a few job applications filled in… #
  • Got the mental bus driver again. Not sure his antics + rain = survival #
  • So I didn't wear a coat this morning. #
  • Just won dinner bed and breakfast at an Inter-continental hotel of my choice :-) now just need someone to come with me. #
  • 2nd night in a row of horribly interrupted sleep. Anyone got any ideas on good ways to stay asleep once gone? #
  • 2 weeks til I visit the Guardian offices in London. How much sabotage you reckon I can get away with? #
  • Please bear in mind that I've also consumed several (lots) pints of ale in order to flirt with barmaid. #
  • Stay up and watch Dexter or go to bed and sleep? #
  • The Who's Live at Leeds album is soooo awesome. #
  • Forgot to take my break :-( was close to missing my massage too, but made it just in time. #
  • Star trek 4 is soooo funny. #
  • Star Trek 4 is on Film4 now. Better get watching!! #
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