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What I have been up to this week 2011-07-31

July 31st, 2011 No comments
  • 2nd place. Not bad. Cashed at least :-)#
  • Hitting up Alea with @chrisworfolk to play some poker. #
  • Survived polish dinner party so far. 12 courses and 4 bottles of wine each so far. Spirits are about to come out. #
  • Noooo. Coffee spill :-(#
  • We just got the @levarburton #bigbangtheory legend! #
  • Just bought a 48 pack of kit kats. #
  • Grats to @godwinslaw1 for being made @ahsstudents new head of membership. Tough act to follow in @MikePaynterAHS #
  • Part of our bromantic night in! #
  • Ooh, looks like I might be getting a spot on Leeds SACRE. Fun times. #
  • That's the most fun watching a film I've had in years. #
  • Finally watching Scott Pilgrim. #
  • Really hoping there is a cheque in the post when I get home. Could really do with the money. Job hunting is expensive. #
  • Struggling today. Got meetings but head is pounding :-(#

What I have been up to this week 2011-07-24

July 24th, 2011 No comments
  • Back from @theblindking house warming. Fun times all round. Full of toast now :-) left @BinaryMage watching #flashgordon #
  • Me and @BinaryMage just found a mirkin. #
  • W00t RT @danpalmer: Sweet! Just bought my ticket for @questival #
  • Gah. Need to book a sight test :-( I really hate having rubbish eyes. #
  • First day playing with real code since I was at uni. Forgotten everything. Luckily you don't actually need to know anything #shhdonttell #
  • Hmm, strapless dresses must be the least practical jogging outfits ever. #
  • Its also a little bit @YoungNicola fault too. But not as much. #
  • Its all @godwinslaw1 fault I'm going to work naked tomorrow. #
  • Definitely need a massage. Have had real problems with my shoulder all last night then today. Got a massive knot. #
  • Lol @theblindking went to his old flat last night. #

What I have been up to this week 2011-07-17

July 17th, 2011 No comments
  • Nights out with students just can't end well!! #
  • At #wendy but not bumped into @joyt26 not cool :(#
  • So @YoungNicola has said that @krypto is amazing… #
  • Definitely too single for Wendy :-(#
  • Wonder if @godwinslaw1 made it out? #
  • At #wendy with the usual crowd. #
  • Why do some girls insist on heavy make-up? Do then not realise that it makes them look worse. #
  • 2 EVE trial invites in as many days. Someone trying to tell me something? #
  • Looking forward to seeing some people tonight for @Viki_Chan birthday :-)#
  • Ahhh lemony fresh :-) (technically its Limey fresh this week but who's counting) #
  • Police Acadamy is such a good film. By good I mean funny and lightweight of course, but what better way to spend a Friday evening? #
  • The last few days have been a bit of a sharefest. Luckily its been 2 way this time!! #
  • Bran van 3000 – drinking in LA is such a tuuuune #nowplaying #
  • If I drank this amount of coffee every day then I would basically be an LA cop. #
  • Definitel drunk too much coffee today. Rather jittery.y #
  • I hate that there is no future for me in current company. I love working here but they don't want to let me progress so time to move on. #
  • 5 more jobs applied for. All down south :-( its a tough job market out there, salaries : experience required is getting worse!! #
  • Working a Saturday for first time in ages tomorrow. Will serve me right for doing 3 day weeks for last couple of months! #
  • Night at @Opera_North for my birthday then tweeps? #
  • Just seen @Opera_North autumn schedule. Looks awesome!! My fave opera, the G+S I've never seen and Tchaikovsky Queen of Spades. Win. #
  • Finished work bang on time cos we've had no systems all afternoon. Praise be to the network gremlins. #
  • So I need to watch all the harry potter films by Saturday. Who has them and wants to let me watch? #
  • Shocking!! Avoid them. RT @sarannity: And apparently I could have complained but that would only delay the return of my money @AAPresident #
  • So Staines is a cool pace yeah? #
  • This work lark is such a rubbish way to spend one's life. #
  • Bucket List is a really nice film. Why do I keep forgetting about Lovefilm on the PS3?! 15 quid a month is a bargain!! #
  • Lol @godwinslaw1 lost her Graped virginity. #
  • Out the office not a moment too soon. Applied for 2 jobs today… @Viki_Chan will be happy that they were both in Leeds. #
  • I wonder if I post a video on youtube that Mila Kunis would go out with me? #
  • Is a bedtime beer wrong? #
  • Following last few tweets, should say I'm looking for work in London/M4 corridor as no career progression in Yorkshire :-(#
  • If anyone has ideas of 'cheap' (relatively) places to house share of small flat in Guildford-Reading-Slough triangle then let me know. #
  • Why is everything in the South so expensive? Having a scout around for places to live and its a rip off. #
  • Argh. Crazy @o2 online ordering system is shocking. Can find my address in myO2 but not on order form. Ah well, its their loss of £60/month #
  • First night since Thursday that I've been in bed before midnight. Would make a claim about being hardcore, but in too much pain :-p #
  • First time since @ahsstudents was created that there is nobody from @leedsatheistsoc on the management team! #
  • Made it back to Leeds. Realised I am hugely dehydrated and that it's all @godwinslaw1 fault for making me go out 2 nights in row. #
  • Back in familiar territory – the glory that is Kings Cross station. Not long til I'm back. Should I suck it up and just move here? #
  • Chilling in Woking. Apparently we are going from 5 coaches to 10. #
  • Looks like Axa Wealth sponsors Basingstoke. Why doesn't @willwybrow sponsor Basingstoke? #
  • In Basingstoke. Pretty sure that some one I know lives here. Will something or other… #
  • Gah, still 10min wait for train to London :-( had too many pints of ale before leaving too. Not going to end well… #
  • Finally leaving Southampton after a great weekend. That's to @SotonAtheistSoc and @godwinslaw1 for looking after us. Great job. #ahsAGM #
  • Its all over. New @ahsstudents exec elected. @DrEvanHarris given his speech. #drama subsided. #ahsAGM 2012 anyone? #

What I have been up to this week 2011-07-10

July 10th, 2011 No comments

What I have been up to this week 2011-07-03

July 3rd, 2011 No comments
  • Nothing broken :-) only wasted an hour and a half in a+e and a tenner in taxis. #
  • Fuck. Just bust my knee tripping over my own feet. Ffs. #
  • Googling Tuscan villas. I blame @Viki_Chan for putting the idea in my head. #
  • Literally 1 hotel in central London with spaces for tomorrow night. Sucky. #
  • W00t. Off homeski :-) 4 days off now!! #
  • Which of my friends will make it to the inner circle feature on the latest @UberSoc version? #
  • So if none of the teachers are working tomorrow do I get some of my tax back? #
  • Also visiting new steak restaurant. July is a month of win. #
  • Poker night next week. Nothing like a night of cards and beer :-)#
  • Today has been 'fun'. Why is it that the messenger is always shot? Its not my fault that I'm awesome at finding problems. #
  • Oi Twitter. Who told me they liked John Mellencamp?! Somebody did. It wasn't @Aislinfrancis so she's off the hook (tho means I have no clue) #
  • Guy on my bus looks exactly like Dexter. #
  • Finished with work for the day. Fun meetings and some gaming for the rest of the day :-)#
  • RT @GlasgowSkeptics: Anyone looking to set up a university atheist/humanist/secular society in Scotland should get in touch with @Scottama. #
  • RT @Footysays: Tweet #Footysays and #Competition to enter our prize draw for PL tickets or a signed shirt! Good luck everybody :D#
  • Though not a good sign when its hot enough to warrant air con at 7am! #
  • So guild run at Nef then?! #
  • Gutted that internet issues are causing me to fail so badly at gaming, lol. #