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What I have been up to this week 2011-09-25

September 25th, 2011 No comments
  • Awesome night last night with the gang. Not sure about this mixing of circles thing though… #
  • So @binarymage @chrisworfolk @theblindking @bigsaltyjohn and @lizziemoogle also turned up #
  • Hit zombie prom with @aislinfrancis . #
  • At Leeds grand watching @Opera_North version of madame butterfly. Enthralling first act :)#
  • 2-0 then 0-2. Situational deck much? #
  • Constructed decks built :)#
  • Shame I'm missing the NZ v France game, but prerelease day is not to be missed. #
  • Not a bad half for England. Would still like to see better decisions being made. #
  • Absolutely shattered after a long day farming. Respect to those that do it for a living. #
  • Just walked back from Temple Newsam in a little world of my own :s forgot to wait for bus, lol. #
  • That's the torture over :-)#
  • ?took 12 of us… #
  • Lunchtime on our farming adventure. Cleared a path of mud and weeds (shifted over a ton of earth!!). Took 12 f #
  • At Temple Newsam Farm to do some community work. Its a fair walk up from the bus stop, ready to go home now. #
  • Just driven from Slough to Leeds via Banford with my boss and his bosses boss. Interesting times. #
  • Just finished a workshop on number and gateway abuse. The world is full of unscrupulous folk. #
  • Busy day so far in Slough. Got stuff pencilled in til 5 then the drive back to Leeds. #gonnabealateone #
  • Watching the planes take off and land from terminal 1 whilst I eat my breakfast. Heavier than air flight still amazes me. #
  • Something very eerie about Slough at night with Julian Lloyd Webber blasting out 'whilst my guitar gently weeps' #
  • Just passed our head office. Back there in 8 hours :-(#
  • Last stop of the night. 5 mins from Slough. Now just to find a taxi… #
  • IPhone battery is dying so have had to resort to BlackBerry. Just need enough battery between em to call taxi. #
  • Note to self: dont sink 5 pints when you know you have a 90min train journey. #
  • Lovely evening with @godwinslaw1 etc (sorry Jordan I can't find your @ name) #
  • Watching @chriscfrench do his paranormal psychology talk. #
  • Beer o'clock #
  • The south is full of comedy place names. Remembering them from my adventures with @domrhodes #
  • So it appears I'm as bad at trains as @godwinslaw1 #shame #fail #comeuppance #
  • I forgot to print my advance tickets so just had to pay for full price one :(#
  • Spot of lunch before 4 hour train journey? Yes please. #
  • All packed for Guildford and Slough. Hitting Guildford #sitp with @godwinslaw1 before a day with vendors. Got contracts to sign. #
  • My birthday alcohol from left Thanks to @BinaryMage and @Viki_Chan , @teeessell , Chris, @chrisworfolk :) #
  • Not in the office for a day and everything goes to pot! If I had hair I would be pulling it out. #
  • Got some Jack Daniels Single Barrel from @BinaryMage and @Viki_Chan :)#
  • Watching Austin Powers after Hunt for Red October. reliving my youth. #oldschool #
  • Learning to draft and play with sealed decks. Back to school. #mtg #
  • That was a tasty hog roast :)#

What I have been up to this week 2011-09-18

September 18th, 2011 No comments
  • What to do with the rest of my evening? #
  • Totally. RT @Psythor: I think the Doctor has just endorsed secularism, on the grounds that it will kill off monsters? #drwho #seculareurope #
  • Replacing Karen Gillan for James Corden is not cool BBC! #
  • Hope everyone at #seculareurope march has fun today and doesn't get too wet. #
  • Looks like I'm hitting Guildford #sitp this week. Anyone know the speaker? #
  • So the bus has broken down en route, 30 mins til next one and the heavens have opened #alwayshappenstome #
  • The birthday fun is coming to an end. I love how discrete humans like their events. The fact we age continually seems irrelevant to most. #
  • It's surprising how such little things can make so much difference. Didn't think I'd end today with a smile, but I have. #winning #
  • Ok. Just spent 50 quid at travelling man… #
  • Off to spend money at the comic book store :-)#
  • Game of rugby on a well earned say off :)#
  • What is the world coming to when @chrisworfolk is drinking some random discarded cider ? #
  • So it's actually my 27th birthday now :(#
  • Miss all the ladies @aislinfrancis @ShinyPyroGirl @godwinslaw1 and @Viki_Chan pls keep the date free next year #
  • Correction: out with @teeessell too #
  • Out with the cool kids @chrisworfolk @theblindking and Tom #
  • Thieving gypsies underpaid on dinner, so it cost me £65 #
  • Steak… For real men! #
  • Woo hoo. No more work til Friday :-D#
  • Less than 12 hours til party time :)#
  • I hope this happens sooo much!! RT @bengoldacre: @robinince i am going to analyse some data live on stage using R. #
  • This wind has caused 3 people in leeds to have a #marylinmonroemoment #classy #
  • 2 sleeps til steak at River Plate :-) #steakistehshizzle #
  • Found this on my new desk… #thedogsbollocks #
  • So just been caught riffling chips at my desk at work. Not a good look. #
  • Looking forward to a 4 day week :-) tho I do have to spend my day off in Sheffield getting my iPhone fixed. #
  • Watching family guy with @chrisworfolk as we both bomber out at Alea. #poker #
  • Got caught with hand in the cookie jar. #poker #
  • Up to 16k at first break. Slow going today. #
  • Just bluffed off top pair. Last night has left me with no stomach for the fight :-( #poker #
  • My iPhone lasted a week. Won't get a replacement until Thursday. #
  • Cheers 2 @sarannity @BinaryMage @Viki_Chan @chrisworfolk @Viki_Chan @christopherowen @theblindking @thealchemist88 and every1 else at #wendy #

Birthday Wendy

September 11th, 2011 No comments

I am rapidly approaching my 27th birthday and as such I decided to do something to celebrate. With my actual birthday being on a weekday the consensus was we should do our partying at the weekend and as if by some twist of fate, our usual monthly gathering for The Wendy House happened to fall on a suitable Saturday for me to hijack it for my own purposes.

An almost record breaking 21 people rocked up for pre drinks at our flat and a pretty impressive 100% of those came to Wendy to party the night away.

It was a pretty alcohol fueled evening for me, so I will let these awful pictures tell the story.

Three of my favourite women - Sarann, Chris and Rosie!

It's guy love, between two guys

It's girl love, between two girls

Sexy Momma

Final Tables

September 11th, 2011 No comments

Following on from my recent post about taking up live poker again, Chris and I headed to Alea last Sunday to play in a £15 freezeout tournament. The session started off with a little excitement as a colleague of mine from the AHS had just called in a panic to tell me she had missed her stop at Reading to change for Guildford and was almost in London. Now, to be fair, she hails from a land with no trains and where everyone has personal drivers so the whole public transport thing is a bit new to her, but it did mean that I started the night coming up with rail related jokes (and a little concern that she may end up travelling around the home counties for all eternity) rather than focusing on my game.

The first few hands were fairly tense affairs as a few players were in fold or shove mode despite us having relatively large starting stacks (10k with 25/50 blinds). I made some inroads early on and had trebled my starting stack by the first break by being quite aggressive and trying to force folds preflop or before the turn. I had to calm down after the break following a table move as the tournaments most aggressive player was sat to my left who was happy to shove all in with rags. Luckily for me, I managed to call his bluff when I hit my flush to his middle pair. This set me up nicely for my first live poker final table.

I started to play very defensively on the final table waiting for other players to knock each other out. Within an hour we were down to the final three, but with us all having even stacks we got bogged down in small pots and defensive plays. In the end I reraised a value bet with KQ suited and was not toally upset when they turned over A6. I flopped a straight and flush draw but they turned their Ace and it held. I was done in 3rd place for a £55 payout. Not bad for my first final table. Means my overall live career is in profit.

What I have been up to this week 2011-09-11

September 11th, 2011 No comments
  • So 21 came out but 4 left. #
  • Nap done :-) feel much better. Tho it seems @Viki_Chan turned up, ah well life isn't perfect :-p #
  • Managed 3 out of 4 games today. Definitely earned nap time before the kids come round for #wendy #
  • Very scrappy win! But then in 2003 England looked awful in every game, especially the final! #
  • England are getting pinned unfairly, but thats what happens when you admit to being ok winning ugly. #
  • Its absolutely disgraceful that the numbers are peeling off the shirts already!! #
  • Nice to see my old school chum Richard Wigglesworth starting for England. #
  • 3 games down (tho only caught end of Scotland match). Ready for England now :-)#
  • Managed to be up for the Namibia v Fiji game :)#
  • I seem to have made it home :) now to be up at 4.30 for rugby… #
  • Me and @christopherowen have got soul but we're not soldiers. #
  • So I might (drunk. #
  • Anyone in Leeds fancy coming for a beer. #
  • How late can I stay out tonight yet still make it up for the rung tomorrow at 4.30? #
  • Not sure how @godwinslaw1 hasn't figured out that I'm a solutions man and that I am happy to accept challanges. #challangeaccepted #
  • Its the weekend!! Noms with @Aislinfrancis @christopherowen and India tonight. #wendy with the crew tomorrow. Plus RWC on telly :-)#
  • “@MR_OJR: sitting with a pint waiting for a train to a fun weekend #sarannisscary ?? #
  • Officially in trouble for entering a tirade when a colleague said he was off to the chiropractor for his back #
  • buttery loo roll that @BinaryMage bought is actually quite nice to use.Still cant help but feel I should be dunking my arse in jam afterward #
  • Bed time methinks. Hopefully the cheese, chocolate and wine won't come back to haunt me tonight. #
  • RT @chrisworfolk: The ban on gay men giving blood is finally to be lifted. Fantastic news! #
  • Just been to Tesco to buy tea. Got home and no loo roll. #shoppingfail #
  • Salami, cheese and wine for tea :)#
  • Sometimes it's nice to leave office earlier than anticipated, especially when you're finished and everyone else is flat out :)#
  • Can't wait til nap time. Been a rough old week so far. Looking forward to some weekend fun times. #
  • I may have resolved previous phone related issues :-) so am back in the world of communications! #
  • Home from Sheffield. Crazy nutcases have made me angry. #
  • Angry face #
  • So Sheffield Humanists is full of more crazies that HSoWY!!!!!! #
  • So it looks like my presentation style isn't /that/ bad #
  • In Sheffield to learn about the sex industry with @chrisworfolk and @thealchemist88 #
  • Main phone broke so on backup number. DM me if you need it (I don't have any numbers so make sure you send me your number in DM) #
  • A little bit drunk now. Good times. #
  • Plenty of beer drunk on my old team's night out! #
  • SharePoint can suck my balls. #
  • So bedtime for me turned into an hour of chess. #
  • River Plate is a bit fascist with its deposit scheme. If all 10 don't show or more than 10 Show I dont get it back #
  • Stupid bus left early :-( now I have to wait til 5!! #
  • Cashed 3rd. Then went 20 quid up on blackjack. Profitable evening. #
  • Made final table at #alea . Middle ish stack. #
  • Finally got round to joining Alea. #

What I have been up to this week 2011-09-04

September 4th, 2011 No comments
  • Nearly time for social networking blackout cos I can't trust any of you fuckers not to ruin doctor who with your spoilers. #
  • Huge police presence at London Kings Cross. Just bumped into a Chief Inspector. #
  • Long day in London today. Off home shortly :-)#
  • Board meeting overran by an hour. #
  • Marmite cashews. #onlyatwaitrose #
  • Oh oh. 3 riot vans screaming past is not a good sign. In a rush as they were riding the pavement in places. #
  • Also lol at folk taking pics with their ipads. #overkill #
  • Having me an ice cream in the grounds of the #britishmuseum not a bad way to spend a morning. #
  • Is there a subtle feminist agenda at the #britishmuseum ? Most of the statues without penises :-p #
  • Well that was an expensive mistake. Thought meeting was at 11. Cost me 90 quid to change ticket home. #
  • Apparently we are stuck behind a coal train. #18thcentury #
  • Train voice lady is offering the hard sell on alcoholic beverages on the 0735 Leeds to London kings cross East Coast service. #crazytimes #
  • On the train to London for the @ahsstudents board meeting. #
  • Its all going wrong this morning. Alarm didn't go off, missed the bus and probably not got time for a bacon sandwich!!! #firstworldproblems #
  • Getting used to iPhone keyboard now. Just really slow. #
  • Been a difficult day today. Hangover kicked in just as giving my weekly update presentation :-(#
  • How awesome is this? a guy at work has age of empires sounds for his ring tone. Plays a random one for sms, calls and emails!! #geek #
  • Yeeeeeaaah. Hangover bacon sandwiches are the best! #
  • Meet new boss today. Went out last night. What could possibly go wrong? #
  • So my iPhone experience was so bad I'm already back on Blacberry :-) Steve/Tim would not be proud. #smallvictories #
  • First tweet from iPhone. The typing experience is nowhere near as good as the Blackberry. #
  • Sat in revs with @cornb33fmckeith and @amydavies1987 #
  • In bottom Revs with a pack of Marlboro and a JD and coke. The night is young… #
  • It appears that its a Call Lane kinda night. Not a good result as have work in am. #
  • It appears that its a A #
  • Out with my awesome workmates :-)#
  • Stefan the monkey!! #
  • So I've bought an iPhone. #
  • Trip to Manchester for #uncagedmonkeys with @Aislinfrancis and @theblindking booked and paid for :-)#
  • Tickets for @Opera_North production of Madame Butterfly booked :-) bit pricey but worth it! #
  • WooHoo. 1000 fan club points. No idea what they do, but 1000 seems like a lot. #pointlesspoints #
  • New PC ordered and paid for. Should be here in time for my birthday :-)#
  • Damn you #BBC4 and your awesome programming. That's another silly late night caused by Bill Hicks. #
  • Why are return flights UK > Finland > UK half the price of Fin > UK > Fin ? #
  • Afternoon dragging somewhat now. Not through boredom per se, just getting bogged down in too much detail. I need an assistant! #
  • I'm buying tickets for uncaged monkeys ( @robinince @bengoldacre @SLSingh and @ProfBrianCox ) tomorrow. Let me know if you want one (£30). #
  • New job today :-)#
  • 5hrs til alarm goes off. #
  • Win. I'm gonna save it for gym tomo RT @MikePaynterAHS: @Psythor I'm listening to @poddelusion @questival special on my HTC Hero now! :-D#
  • First @ahsstudents board meeting with new exec this weekend :-) exciting times. #
  • 4th place finish tho. Good points for league. #
  • Short stacked, went all in AJs, called with deuces. Flopped straight, opp caught runner 2s. #
  • 12hrs til I start new job. Nerves jangling a little. To settle them? Poker and cake! #
  • It appears everyone at Leeds was too wet to burn :-(#
  • Heading back to Leeds in readiness for @YoungNicola party. She's clashing with @stephenfry gadgets countdown tho! #
  • Family nonsense out the way for another few months hopefully :-) might actually try and have christmas this year tho. #


September 1st, 2011 No comments

I am a Blackberry fan boy at heart. I love the full qwerty keyboard, the enterprise level security, Blackberry Internet Service, BBM and the Bold II is still my phone of choice. However, I needed to replace my iPod and when I started shopping around I found it cheaper to buy a new iPhone 4 (price matched and staff discount applied) than to buy a new iPod. So I am not the owner (not so proud I have to admit) of a brand new iPhone 4. I haven’t used it much yet as it is currently sat at home charging whilst I deal with my hangover at work, but the UI is shiny and smooth; although is no where near as user friendly as the marketing bods at Apple would have me believe.

I won’t be using it much as a phone, but I will probably make good use of the fact I essentially have an iPod touch with 3g!