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August 19th, 2010 Leave a comment Go to comments

For all those that didn’t know Kieran, Chris, George and I are heading to Europe for a three week road trip in September. In fact three weeks today, we will be doing stuff in Amsterdam that is probably unwise to post about on a public website!

Eurotrip the movie.

We are planning to take in ten countries in ten days before spending a week chilling out in a villa in the Bordeaux region of France. I intend to use the week recovering from some serious European madness.

The plan is to visit the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany, Austria, Italy, Switzerland, Monaco and France and to basically relive our student days living out of suitcases, eating rubbish and drinking unsafe quantities of alcohol.

As part of the trip, I am hoping to trial some new post types which will hopefully include some video and audio posts as well as the more traditional text and picture ones you are used to. Of course, any trip would not be a trip without constant updates of Twitter. if you want real time updates then either follow me or just search for the trips official hashtag (#ertrip2010).

Kieran Doesn't Know

Also, as Kieran is the sensible one amongst us, we are employing a “Kieran Doesn’t Know” theme (based on the Scotty Doesn’t Know song in the Eurotrip movie) to avoid his veto on some of our more extreme ideas. I would appreciate any mention of Kieran to be accompanied by some mental (or actual, if you prefer) singing of the Scotty Doesn’t Know song but replace “Scotty” with “Kieran”.

Any recommendations on places to see in or around the following cities (or the countries mentioned above) then feel free to contact me, or leave a comment. Cities we are hoping to visit: Amsterdam, Antwerp, Brugges, Nuremburg, Munich, Luxembourg City, Salzburg, Venice, Verona, Saint Gallen, Zurich, Lausanne and Monte Carlo.

  1. August 19th, 2010 at 18:23 | #1

    So jealous mate, gonna be an awesome trip, I want some kind of football memorabilia brought back.

    You need to record your own version of “Kieran Doesn’t Know” that would be funny.

    Are you still planning on going to a game, have you looked into any fixtures?

  2. August 19th, 2010 at 18:27 | #2

    If Lustra had done an instrumental version of Scotty Doesn’t Know, or a karaoke version existed then we definitely would make a version!

    Looked into a few games and the Lorient v Bordeaux game on the 25th seems the most likely, but I don’t know what time our ferry is on the way back. Boo to the fact they don’t really do midweek games in France!!

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