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What I have been up to this week 2010-12-19

December 19th, 2010 Leave a comment Go to comments
  • Too ill to go to birthday party hosted by @sarannity . Bed for rest of weekend for me :(#
  • Also, @timminchin was best gig of year. Beat linkin park, meatloaf, gorillaz, stewart lee and all of solfest. #
  • Anyone in manchester got a spare room? Looks like we might get snowed in. #
  • The @timminchin gig is going sooo well. New fave song now :-)#
  • 7 rows from the front at @timminchin gig. Is it rape if they're famous? #
  • Benefit #1 of having no sense of taste due to flu… Being able to drink stella and not care. #
  • Stupid trains. Running late, overcrowded and low standards. If I wanted trains like this I would live in the South East!! #
  • Colonel or the D? Clearly going to be a Colonel as we don't have one in city centre here :-(#
  • Off to Manchester to see the awesome @timminchin live with @chrisworfolk @theblindking and Kat. Gonna be epic. If only I could see/hear lol #
  • I've got less than 24hrs to get myself fit for @timminchin gig. How can I shake the flu in less than a day? #hourofneed #
  • So paloma faith and ray davies are quite good. She would definitely have gotten on with rest of kinks. #royalvariety #
  • Ding 85. #
  • Now struggling to fall back asleep. Watch a film or listen to music?? #
  • But would like to point out that I once forced a draw from Nigel Short in a quick play game. #
  • Spent all afternoon asleep :-( awoke to a universe where @DrEvanHarris is now a chess commentator… #
  • Had to come home sick from work :-( feel like shit tho. Hate being ill, really hits productivity. #
  • Good luck to @gibfootballshow for the NOPAs today!! Check out what got him nominated at http://www.gibfootballshow.co.uk #
  • Sorted @timminchin tickets out :-) so excited. #
  • Delivering food parcels to homeless shelters around leeds with @cwfnews and #hags #humanismatwork #
  • The end of another weekend is here. Done virtually none of my to do list. I blame @Aislinfrancis and my mother #notagoodcombination #
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