Barenaked Ladies

Posted by Norm on March 30th, 2007 filed in Friends, General, Reviews

I finally got round to going to see the Barenaked Ladies live tonight. They are a band I have admired for a long time, both for their imaginative lyrics and their uncanny ad libbing skills.

They played a good set including most of their well known songs - One Week, Old Apartment, Brian Wilson, Easy etc and finished of the encore with a tremendous version of If I Had $1,000,000.

Defining the music they play is tough, they manage to combine the originality and musical talent of a singer-songwriter, with a splash of pop and a dash of rock and roll. They are also excellent MCs with the microphones. The band consists of two front men, one singer and one guitarist (although both sing and play the guitar…) and then a backing band of pianist/keyboardist/guitarist/accordianist, a percussionist and a bassist. They seem to have found that sparkle you get when you play with people you love. All in all it was an amazing gig. Chilled out yet rocking at the same time. Funky enough to dance to yet with the rhythm and melody you would expect from an indie style band.

The wonderful B accompanied me and considering she knew of one BNL song, she had a great time singing and dancing.

The evening finished with a few of us in the Packhorse and then takeaway and back to Chris’s place.

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  1. Visual steel Says:

    Still through the dusk of dead, blank-legendedAnd unremunerative years we searchTo get where life begins, and still we groanBecause we do not find the living sparkWhere no spark ever was; and thus we die,Still searching, like poor old astronomersWho totter off to bed and go to sleep,To dream of untriangulated stars.

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