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August 10th, 2007 1 comment

Having played with my Zombie deck a few times now I have made some decisions about its content. Firstly, I want to get rid of the Angel’s Trumpet artifact as although it forces ability strong creatures to attack rather than use their abilities, it also hampers my defensive strategy by forcing me to attack rather than leave blockers. I am thinking of replacing it with either another artifact or enchantment that allows me some way of preventing creatures using their abilities, or with an instant or sorcery that allows me to destroy enchantments – particularly Circle of Protection Black!

I have seen a couple of interesting cards out there, but nothing definitive, so will keep looking and experimenting. Will let you know the outcome ASAP. Any ideas let me know.

More Magic

August 9th, 2007 1 comment

Well it has been a little while since I last mentioned my new found hobby, Magic: The Gathering so I thought I would remedy it today. I have been playing a few weeks now and have a number of preconstructed decks to play along with my self-made black deck. I am really starting to get to grips with a lot of the nuances involved in the game along with spreading the gospel. I have managed to get Liz hooked too. She went out and bought a couple of Time Spiral pre-constructed decks to have a play with, but I am currently looking after them :-P My brother arrived back in Kikrham today and managed to squeeze in a tutorial and several games with him. he isn’t the type to get hooked easily, but he is definitely taken with them.

I don’t care that it is a game for proper geeks, it really fires the imagination and the skill and tactical awareness required to construct and then play the game is actually at a very high level. I still think the game relies too heavily on an element of luck, especially reliant on the speed at which you can develop land. but otherwise I am well and truly addicted to the game. Rest assured that there will be plenty more posts on the subject in the future :-P

Provisional Magic Deck

July 24th, 2007 4 comments

Land (20):

20 x Swamps

Creatures (17):

1 x Ascendant Evincar – Vampire (3/3, Flying, Black Creatures +1/+1, Non-black Creatures -1/-1)
1 x Lord of the Undead – Zombie(2/2, Other Zombies +1/+1, 1B, t Return Zombie to hand from graveyard)
2 x Severed Legion – Zombie (2/2, Fear)
2 x Gravediggers – Zombie (2/2, When played return target creature to hand from graveyard)
1 x Festering Goblin – Zombie Goblin (1/1, When put in graveyard from play target creature -1/-1)
1 x Gempalm Polluter – Zombie (4/3, Cycling 2B – when cycled target player loses 1 life for each Zombie in play)
1 x Dripping Dead – Zombie (4/1, Can’t block, Destroys target creature if deals combat damage)
1 x Keeper of the Dead – Wizard (1/2, B, t Destroy target non-black creature)
1 x Nekrataal – (2/1, First strike, When played destroy target non-artifact non-black creature)
2 x Restless Dead – Skeletons (1/1, B Regenerate)
1 x Abyssal Specter – Specter (2/3, Flying, When deals damage to player that player discards 1 card)
1 x Wake of Vultures – (3/1, Flying, 1B Sacrifice creature Regenerate)
1 x Belbe’s Percher – (2/2, Flying, Can only block flying creatures)
1 x Screeching Harpy – (2/2, Flying. 1B Regenerate)

Sorcery (13):

2 x Raise Dead – Return target creature from graveyard to hand
2 x Syphon Soul – Deals 2 damage to target player, you receive 2 life
1 x Diabolic Tutor – Search library and move 1 card to hand
1 x Unnerve – Each opponent discards 2 cards
1 x Soul Feast – Target player loses 4 life, you gain 4 life
1 x Mind Rot – Target player discards 2 cards
1 x Death’s Duet – Return 2 creatures from graveyard to hand
1 x Restless Dreams – Discard X cards, return X cards from graveyard to hand
1 x Assassinate – Destroy tapped creature
1 x Essence Drain – deals 3 damage to player/creature, gain 3 life
1 x Buried Alive – Search library and move 3 creatures to graveyard

Instant (6):

3 x Dark Ritual – Add BBB to mana pool
2 x Terror – Destroy target non-artifact non-black creature
1 x Agonising Demise – Destroy target non-artifact non-black creature

Enchantments (1):

1 x Death Watch – Enchant Creature (If creature is put into graveyard controlling player loses life equal to power and you gain life equal to toughness)

Artifacts (3):

1 x Demon’s Horn – When black spell is played you gain 1 life
1 x Angel’s Trumpet – Attacking does not cause creatures to tap, all creatures that do not attack are tapped at end of turn
1 x Soul Net – 1, gain 1 life each time creature is put itno graveyard from play