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Bank Holiday Weekend

August 31st, 2010 No comments

This is likely to be my last major blog post before I head off on my road trip of Europe as I have loads of prep to do before we leave and I want to cover that prep in my first blog post from Europe (hopefully Amsterdam).

I am writing this post whilst on the train from Carlisle to Leeds on the famous Carlisle to Settle railway route, it is beautifully sunny outside and the scenery is really something to behold. I really do love the English countryside and I am lucky enough to have experiences some stunning scenery in my time.

The reason for me being on this particular train is the fact I have spent the last few days staying with Sarann and her family whilst enjoying Solfest, a music festival based on the Solway coast. For my long memoried readers, here is a post I made about the festival last time I went.

Solfest always manages to deliver when it comes to acts. For a small festival, I always manage to see a dozen or so really good acts, with maybe four of five that are really outstanding. This year was no different – acts like Alabama 3, James, Eat Static, Utah Saints, Magic Numbers, The Jam and The Damned all being pretty big names.

I particularly enjoyed the old school combination of The Jam and The Damned on the Sunday night, followed a really nice chilled set from The Magic Numbers.

The weekend was great as a little mini break from the pressures of clearing my desk ready for the Europe trip, as well as from the stress of planning and paying for the trip itself. Sarann’s dad makes a great host, and Sarann makes a better chef – even if most of the fare was vegan! I did manage to sneak in a couple of pasties and a sausage and hash brown butty.

All in all a great weekend and well worth the £89 ticket price.

A little something from the train…

August 30th, 2010 No comments

Just thought I would upload a picture from my train journey from Carlisle to Leeds on the famous Carlisle-Settle line.

What I have been up to this week 2010-08-29

August 29th, 2010 No comments
  • James opened with Sit Down! Crazy! #
  • Don't worry, about a thing. Cos every little thing is gonna be alright. #
  • Getting my reggae on to The Wailers (sans Bob Marley) at #solfest #
  • Watching new young pony club at #solfest #
  • Not sure I can take bands with a girl drummer seriously! #
  • Blackpool unbeaten at home :) happy enough with a point. Only 6 more required for a successful season :-)#
  • Watching @HelloAstrid at #solfest chilled out :-)#
  • James is headling at #solfest tonight. Gonna get my indie groove on :) *oh sit down, sot down next to me* #
  • Signal not strong enough for ubertwitter. If you want to say stuff to me, gonna have to use text or email. #oldschool #
  • Ooh, just found edge signal so may be able to use ubertwitter :-)#
  • Alabama 3 were excellent last night at #solfest :) having great time! #
  • At #solfest with virtually no phone signal so having to tweet by sms. Don't expect too many this weekend! #
  • Setting off to #solfest with @sarannity and Moz :-) Alabama 3, James and The Magic Numbers headlining! #
  • Hmm. Heavy rain forecast for #solfest tomorrow. #
  • Tough group for Tottenham #ecl #
  • Gutted that @BinaryMage @Viki_Chan and @theblindking are all going out without me :-( at least I will be having equal fun with @sarannity #
  • So off work now til 2am Tuesday!! #solfest here I come :D#
  • Also fist shaking is imperative!! RT @kieranoshea: RT @tnaseem: You have to swear at code to make it work. It's the only way. #
  • FFS, not only have I had a shit day, Leeds is full of festival types :-@ #
  • Today has been the 2nd worst day I've had at O2 since I joined 2 yrs ago!! #
  • Seriously, for fucks sake. Why is everyone such a fucking jobsworth!! #
  • Original #ertrip2010 budget = £1000. Prog gaonna be closer to 2k by the end. #
  • Getting really close to #ertrip2010 Only 5 days of work left before departure :-) also, just realised how horribly over budget I am! #
  • RT @RichardWiseman: How about when the miners in Chile come up, we all hide as gag? #
  • Proof of @BinaryMage making lynx cocktails! #
  • So it appears that @BinaryMage matches his lynx to his outfit. #
  • I think I @ reply too much. Its like I have conversations via twitter. Which isn't cool. #
  • Welcome to @StuartJRitchie ! Former pres of edinburgh humanists and the instigator of popular phrase #dinnaebeacock #
  • Leave for #ertrip2010 in 2 weeks. Better let me know addresses etc for postcards soon. Gonna be my bday whilst I'm out there too. #
  • It was indie film last night. Coming of age drama tonight. I forgot how much I like good films. Makes me sad though. #
  • Who knew the janitor from scrubs was in brookside!! #
  • Too hot :-(#
  • Why is it that indie cinema leaves me lost? I cant take my eyes off it whilst its on but then afterwards, I don't remember if I liked it! #

What I have been up to this week 2010-08-22

August 22nd, 2010 No comments
  • Good times at Wendy last night. Nice to be out with @sarannity , @christopherowen , @MR_OJR etc who not seen in a while. #
  • Ended up in the fresh air. Gonna hang about til everyone else heads out. Wanna say some goodbyes. #
  • It didn't end positively in the traditional sense but I enjoyed the game of chess that is courtship, lol. #
  • So an interesting night begins to wind down. Not sure if trying my luck for 1st time since my breakup was good or not. #
  • I fucking hate striking out. Sucks. #
  • It seems I've lost my mojo :-( or rather it eas cruelly stolen :'-( #
  • So it seems I am dancing for the amusement of others… #
  • Correction. It was @BinaryMage and @christopherowen #
  • So @MR_OJR and @BinaryMage are getting it on. #
  • All lemony fresh :-)#
  • Down to my last 25 quid of spare cash for the month #ertrip2010 is taking its toll now. #
  • Thought we might take a beating. Will be happy if we can get one back. #
  • The england v pakistan 3rd test is actually producing some nail biting suspense. Who would have thunk it? #
  • RT @gibfootballshow: Today's plug for my Stats related article, got 5 mins, have a read #
  • Why do some people insist on making life so much more difficult than it needs to be? Easy = win. #
  • Wish I was at home planning #ertrip2010 with @BinaryMage @chrisworfolk and @kieranoshea #
  • So work is pretty much as bad as I thought it was going to be :-( bored and depondent. #
  • Why did I get into the customer service industry? I really do hate most people! #
  • I love twitter so much. Get to take piss out of friends, keep up with football and talk about rice pudding with cricket players :D#
  • Woot. Got that Friday feeling. Shame I'm in work tomorrow. Apparently work doesn't do itself! #
  • Pick and mix seller is at work today. Can I resist? #
  • #ff some cricket folk @BumbleCricket @blowersh @Swannyg66 @Aggerscricket @cmjcricket @jimmaxcricket @philtufnell @timbresnan @AlisonMitchell #
  • Why won't you take me far away from this mucky muck? #
  • Its Friday people. A good day all round. #
  • #
  • Thursday = BMT sub of the day. #
  • RT @NatSecSoc:Great review of last nights faith Schools documentary in todays Indie Watch again @: #
  • RT @BHAnews: BHA calls for inquiry as documentary reveals creationism in 'faith' schools #
  • RT @DrEvanHarris: RT @SmallCasserole: I think the new A* grade should be "11" (most students will be too young to appreciate this) #
  • Suitably incensed by the Dawkins doc on faith schools last night. Had dreams wherer science all came from a 2000yr old book :-(#
  • RT @NatSecSoc: Catholic adoption agency defeated in their fruitless pursuit of the right to discriminate #
  • Aw, young Dawkins was so cute. #
  • Fuck me. Just seen advert for 'worship's biggest anthems'. Available at HMV. #
  • RT @fratheist: "I want my doctor to be a creationist in the same way that I want my pilot to believe in a flat earth." > Lol!! #
  • This is making me soooo mad!! By Dawkins it makes me mad! #
  • Woot. @andrewcopson of @BHAnews on with the Dawkins!! #
  • RT @bengoldacre: religion is so obsvly a surrogate for "parents giving a shit". anyone allowed to select on that wld get same results #
  • RT @fratheist: Go, Dawkins, go! #
  • You tell 'em Dawkins! #dawkinskicksgodsbutt #
  • Beer and his almight Dawkinsness :-)#
  • I sometimes wonder if I follow too many people. Is taking longer and longer to stay up to date with them all! #
  • Half way thru day. @gibfootballshow article on utrecht is my lunchtime read. Check it out on STV site or #
  • RT @stephenfry:I just cant understand why Strauss elected to bat.Insane. I said so as I sat down at 11. Bah. Anderson wouldve loved to bowl. #
  • RT @BHAnews: RT @SHandSNews: Don't forget: Dawkins on faith schools, More4, tonight at 9pm #
  • RT @gibfootballshow: Scottish TV website picked up my Utrecht piece and have just published it #
  • No motivation today. Just want home time to come round so I can go and chill out. Thoughts go out to @gibmasterflash today. #
  • Yum. Steak night. #
  • The @BinaryMage @Viki_chan and @chrisworfolk love triangle is going to make #ertrip2010 interesting! #
  • Every time @sarannity mentions #solfest I get more and more excited :-)#
  • Lol. There is a full time job at work monitoring Twitter and Facebook. /apply #
  • Was talking to a friend about a job at his company this weekend. Do I take a pay cut to move on with my career? #
  • Time to chill now :-)#
  • Researching for grant applications is a really frustrating task. Every org wants different empahsis. Its like writing a new essay each time. #
  • Somehow I've managed to pull something in my leg whilst watching easy becky do what she does best. #
  • There is a vid of easy becky on the internet :-) the hour a week @chrisworfolk and I get her for now got longer!! #
  • Only an hour until Easy Becky :-)#


August 19th, 2010 2 comments

For all those that didn’t know Kieran, Chris, George and I are heading to Europe for a three week road trip in September. In fact three weeks today, we will be doing stuff in Amsterdam that is probably unwise to post about on a public website!

Eurotrip the movie.

We are planning to take in ten countries in ten days before spending a week chilling out in a villa in the Bordeaux region of France. I intend to use the week recovering from some serious European madness.

The plan is to visit the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany, Austria, Italy, Switzerland, Monaco and France and to basically relive our student days living out of suitcases, eating rubbish and drinking unsafe quantities of alcohol.

As part of the trip, I am hoping to trial some new post types which will hopefully include some video and audio posts as well as the more traditional text and picture ones you are used to. Of course, any trip would not be a trip without constant updates of Twitter. if you want real time updates then either follow me or just search for the trips official hashtag (#ertrip2010).

Kieran Doesn't Know

Also, as Kieran is the sensible one amongst us, we are employing a “Kieran Doesn’t Know” theme (based on the Scotty Doesn’t Know song in the Eurotrip movie) to avoid his veto on some of our more extreme ideas. I would appreciate any mention of Kieran to be accompanied by some mental (or actual, if you prefer) singing of the Scotty Doesn’t Know song but replace “Scotty” with “Kieran”.

Any recommendations on places to see in or around the following cities (or the countries mentioned above) then feel free to contact me, or leave a comment. Cities we are hoping to visit: Amsterdam, Antwerp, Brugges, Nuremburg, Munich, Luxembourg City, Salzburg, Venice, Verona, Saint Gallen, Zurich, Lausanne and Monte Carlo.

Blackpool for the Champion’s League?

August 15th, 2010 No comments

In their first season in the top flight of English football since they were relegated from the First Division in 1971 and their first season ever in the Premier League, Blackpool got off to a dream start! Pre-season favourites for relegation, they went out at the DW Stadium and took on Wigan, winning by four goals to nil.

Blackpool after the 2009-2010 Coca-cola Championship play-off final

After qualifying for the Premier League with a victory over Cardiff City in the Coca-Cola Championship play-off final, Blackpool have been made everyone’s favourites to go down this season. I have to admit that I think the season is going to be long and hard and we will be on the receiving end of some drubbings. However, from yesterday’s performance it is clear that Blackpool are going to try and play their brand of attractive football and I am sure that there will be some surprises on the way.

Come on the ‘Pool!

What I have been up to this week 2010-08-15

August 15th, 2010 No comments
  • My #fantasyfootball team got off to a good start. Hat trick for my captain, goals from midfield and clean sheets for my defenders :-)#
  • Anyone know of #MotD is on iplayer? Missed it last night :-(#
  • even if it was short lived. #blackpoolfc are still going to get relegated, but man its going to be fun. #
  • Celebrated Chris and B's engagement last night, although a little part of me was celebrating #blackpoolfc being top of the #epl #
  • The pool to win the league. #
  • RT @ProfBrianCox: The premiership leaders are Blackpool ! Long may it continue #
  • Really struggling to think of a cheap/free costume for #solfest with @sarannity #
  • Finally got round to upgrading to new ubertwitter. Have to say not that impressed. Uses more resources and needs more access to phone data. #
  • Went to see A-team movie. I'll give it respectable 6/10. Needed full pack of immodium to leave house tho. Cramps etc kicking in now. #
  • Blackpool finally signed someone!! #
  • Blackpool have got a couple of games on sky before christmas. First one is in sep I think. Best bet is MotD highlights. #
  • My immune system hates me. #
  • So poorly today. Wish I had sick left for tomorrow :-( just gonna have to fight through. #
  • When did Martin O'neill quit? #
  • Scarface on telly. Cool. #

What I have been up to this week 2010-08-08

August 8th, 2010 No comments
  • 180 quid in Makro in a 'skint' month. Not a good start. #
  • Hmm, people at work talking about sisquo, I though they were talking about cisco (st:ds9). #nerd #
  • I wonder what my life would look like to followers if I posted my gps coords? #
  • When did dayriders go up to £3.40? Annoying much. Only brough £3.20 out in change. Somehow this is @NQRW 's fault. #
  • When did Friday nights get so shit? #
  • Guess I'd better do some food shopping now. #
  • RT @theblindking: New blog post and shameless call for retweets. #
  • Giving blood :-)#
  • Off to give blood as part of latest Leeds #hags initiative. #
  • RT @gibfootballshow: HELP!! Anyone want to retweet the link to my forum #
  • Rough today. Three hours sleep. Just want to sit in dark corner and sleep. #
  • Got home. Work in less than 5yrs. Tomorrow's hangover is definitely worth it ;-) some amazing stories to tell!! I don't know how Dom does it #
  • There is a god. Absolutely a god. Jagermesiter shots of their chests. I love Norwegian girls. #
  • Met Norwegian girls :-)#
  • So how do I tell this is a gay bar without asking? #
  • Out on a school night with @domrhodes this is prob gonna not go well for tomorrow… Ah well. #
  • RT @leedsatheistsoc: Steak night! #
  • Hair cut. Beard trimmed. Super powers diminished. I think 10pc of my spam folder may have to be marked 'not spam'. #
  • So back in the office today, not too busy this week with project work so time to catch up on everything else. Groan. #
  • RT @NathanFillion: Hey, guys- remember Firefly? That was awesome. #
  • RT @theblindking: Its official, I have a blog #
  • Crappy dentists :-(#

What I have been up to this week 2010-08-01

August 1st, 2010 No comments
  • Sky is screwed. Full signal making it to end of co-ax, tested on 2x signal testers. Neither old or replacement box is receiving any signal. #
  • Lol, sky was working fine when engineer got here then just as he was leaving, he asked to see cricket score and it died. New box now. #
  • Flagging now. Too old to spend all night out and then breeze the next day. Sky engineer coming later to fox sky so I can chilax after :-)#
  • Lol, Joe McElderry from x-factor has come out as gay. No shit, sherlock. #
  • Ended up with 40 quid gross profit, 100% return :-) after drinks etc came back 30 quid up :-)#
  • 90mins of casino and up 11 quid. Not too bad, about 25% return on stake. #
  • Early finish :-) w00tage! A few hours of mindless games then a few beers and casino with #chrisworfolk and maybe @BinaryMage. Others welcome #
  • Re last tweet – I love the ubertwitter 'shrink tweet' function. I don't have a clue how to use text speak, so would be lost without it, lol #
  • Its a #ertrip2010 #ff day 2day. All shld follow @kieranoshea @chrisworfolk & @BinaryMage if U wnt 2 keep up w/ R crazy European sex odyssey #
  • Morning tweeps. Today = payday but not feeling rich. Holiday needs paying for this month :-(#
  • Can't believe it. Josh Ritter is doing a European tour whilst I'm on #ertrip2010 I reckon there is a chance we could be in Hamburg by 11th! #
  • #ertrip2010 is getting real now :-)#
  • Got @gibfootballshow podcast to get me through the morning :-) with Celtic losing last night, should be entertaining :P #
  • This feels a very late start compared to last few days. Got 2 weeks of expenses to submit today, gonna take all morning. #
  • /judge Doncaster. By Dawkins its ugly! #
  • I love my 8hr battery, even under load :-) wifi and video playback both ways on train and then full day of UAT on it too. Down to last 10%. #
  • So anyone know any good free video capture/editing software for vlogs. Ideally I want something lightweight for a netbook for #ertrip2010 #
  • Stupid East Coast wifi is having ridiculous DNS issues. Annoying. #
  • Well I'm on the train, tho apparently there are delays at Kings cross signals or something :-(#
  • In honour of @leedsatheistsoc and @chrisworfolk – spoons on a Tuesday :-) #
  • Right, finishing up for the day :-) got an hour to kill before train back to Leeds, so any suggestions still welcome! #
  • Anyone got any ideas about stuff to do near Liverpool Street Station for an hour or two today? #
  • Really hungry now. Had breakfast at 5am. No sign of a lunch break here yet. #
  • Gave up on IE8 already. Its no better than chrome for work apps so gone back to chrome. Why do people still build for IE6??? #
  • Gah, apparently I can't use chrome for work stuff :-( having to download IE8 now. Tho 2 versions newer than we support at work!! #
  • On way to London. Started far too early today. Train left Leeds at 5.30am!! #