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What I have been up to this week 2011-05-29

May 29th, 2011 No comments
  • In Slaithwaite drinking cider with a seeing eye dog. #
  • In Marsden now with a pint of Elderwych and a genuine cuban cigar freshly handrolled in Havana. #
  • At The Railway in Greenfields. On the proper South Pennines pub crawl now. #
  • Just had a quality pie. Rivals but doesn't quite beat the Frickley Athletic pie sampled by me and @gibfootballshow at #yfw #
  • At the Buffet Bar at Stalybridge for ale and pie and peas :-)#
  • Hit the Roscoe Head in Liverpool after finding the Philharmonic and Dispensary were shot. #
  • Liverpool Lime Street Windows fail. #
  • For @Viki_Chan RT @BinaryMage: Aaahhh, on the Maloriak. Amaretto. Whatever the kids call it these days… ;-)#
  • RT @BinaryMage: My word! Spritely old bloke is spritely! Showing these students how to dance! Hoo-yah! #
  • Been at Chris's dad's whisky selection. Just the right kind of drunk :-)#
  • In Liverpool now. Not been in ages so don't recognise anything. #
  • Wedding outfit passed muster :-) approved by B and Chris's mum. #
  • So stag do weekend starts here. Kicking off by buying tomorrows train fare. #
  • Off out for stag do shortly. Should be fun. Shame I have to miss @secularball for it though :-(#
  • Loving my time off :-)#
  • RT @wilw: Me: OMG camouflage underwear! Anne: If you got those, you would have camo toe. Me: *high five* #
  • Buggeration. #
  • Now need a miracle. #
  • And now Birmingham. #
  • Nooooooo :-( Wigan scored :-(#
  • RT @markjt1978: Survival Sunday is ace, come on Blackpool #
  • Gary Taylor-Fucking-Fletcher!!!!! #

Relegation Day

May 22nd, 2011 No comments

Today Blackpool Football Club, along with four other teams, find out if they are going to be playing top flight football next season or plying their trade in the Championship. There are two places left to join West Ham in getting relegated and Blackpool’s fate is somewhat out of their own hands. A win could see them drop and a lose could see them survive. It is all about the other results today.

Blackpool have had a remarkable season. They have been a breathe of fresh air in the league by adopting one of the most entertaining brands of football. They have conceded more goals than any other club in the league up until this point but have scored more goals than all but the top four clubs. Manager Ian Holloway has moulded Blackpool to play to their strengths and almost ignore their weaknesses. Defenders Alex Baptiste and Ian Evatt have impressed a number of pundits this season, but they are probably not quite Premier League quality. They are no Scott Dann.

Will we see Bloomfield Road host Manchester United or Leeds United next season?

There is a small part of me that would not be sad if Blackpool don’t manage to stave off relegation as with the parachute payments and Karl Oyston‘s refusal to spend big money on player contracts then the club should be a in a fantastic situation to build a stronger squad, improve the stadium and facilities and make another push to become an established top tier team over the next ten years. This sane, sensible part of me is today being pushed to the back of my mind as the romantic, football supporting part of me really wants Blackpool to be the first team this season to win at Old Trafford and for other results to go our way so I can spend another year watching Match of the Day with Ian Holloway interviews!

What I have been up to this week 2011-05-22

May 22nd, 2011 No comments
  • Out for a few drinks turns into a messy one :-( need some solid foundation to make it all worth while. #
  • Out at #wendy with the guys. #
  • So apparently @Viki_Chan likes @BinaryMage squeezing out Cleveland steamers on her chest. #
  • Sick to death of the people who think its fine to flout a court order and actively abuse someone's right to privacy. #
  • RT @mjrobbins FFS, Twitter is software infrastructure. Next week, celeb sues BT and the Apache Software Foundation for colluding with libel. #
  • Sad news!! RT @gibfootballshow: Noooooo Macho Man Randy Savage is dead….apparently RIP – one of the greatest! #
  • Since when did it start raining. Getting wet now :-(#
  • If you have commented on the #kenclarke #rape issue and have not read (via @charonqc ) then read it. #
  • RT @leedsatheistsoc: RT @secularball: Only 24 hours remaining to register for the Secular Ball! #secularball #
  • RT @DavidAllenGreen: Am as disgusted by Miliband making rape sentencing a party political issue as I am by Clarke's original crassness. #
  • Have booked 5 weeks off for South Africa next year though. Last continent for me to visit!! #
  • Still looking for a new career direction. Need to really start putting some effort into it now. Taken this job as far as I can. #
  • How much coffee is it ok to drink to justify brewing a whole pot? #
  • Today definitely needs more Green Day. #grewupinthe90s #
  • What's the opposite of a title bump? Cos I got one today. #
  • Shit day just got shitter. #
  • RT @ProfBrianCox: I expect everyone who thinks so-called #judgementday is May 21st to support science and reason from the 22nd onwards #
  • RT @DominicPollard: I would really really like to speak to any black or asian fans who have been subjected to racist abuse at a f/ball match #
  • Can't work out if its hot or cold today. Fleece on and I'm too hot, take it off and its a bit chilly. #middleclassnightmares #
  • Got a real urge to go camping somewhere remote. #
  • RT @dannym99: Ryan Giggs has 25 major honours, Manchester City have 10. Wow. #
  • Just got back from Tesco's and I seem to have only bought salad :-(#
  • RT @ahsstudents: Announcing: Questival 2011, with Matt Parker, stand-up mathematician! #

What I have been up to this week 2011-05-15

May 15th, 2011 No comments
  • Watching @bbceurovision with @chrisworfolk and Elina. We voted for Moldova! #
  • Start of a migraine coming on :-( had to switch Twitter to night mode to write this. #
  • RT @cwfnews: Joining us for the Yorkshire Three Peaks Challenge? You can now sign up on Virgin Money Giving – #
  • Giving a presentation at @leedsatheistsoc before dinner out tonight. #
  • Love the fact that just got notification of 2 telephone cables in southwest being damaged by people grinding a tree. #
  • RT @krypto: So very, very close. #questival #
  • Walking home from the Union. Just like the old days. #
  • Watching Gilbert and Sullivans Iolanthe with @Aislinfrancis and friends. A good production so far! #
  • RT @bengoldacre particle physicist, a comedian, a mathematician and an epidemiologist.Selling out rock venues.The nerds win #uncagedmonkeys #
  • RT @godwinslaw1: Would be great to see #homeopathsareevilidiots trending! #
  • Yorkshire is hosting it's first #secularball ( ). Please retweet. @NatSecSoc @iheyo @poddelusion @SecularOU @SITP #
  • Yorkshire is hosting it's first #secularball ( #
  • RT @secularball: Brook Merrion to host Secular Ball 2011 #secularball #
  • Chilling at the pool place with @BinaryMage @chrisworfolk and Fonze. #
  • Why am I such a sucker for #mysupersweet16 ? It is sickenly bad!! #
  • RT @TeeEssEll: Vegan Black Metal Chef is amusing check it out on the YouTubes. #
  • Just applied for a secondment to work with outsource partners in India :-D#
  • Disappointed that #solfest line up this year is less strong than other years :-(#
  • Just got to the end of £4million worth of analysis. Impressive, but immensely boring :-(#
  • RT @tessakendall: Are you rapture ready? It's happening on May 21st. Then god destroys the world on Oct 21 #
  • Anyone know any jobs in tech/telecoms/IT/public sector that pays around 25k+? Need to move on I think. #
  • So I'm giving this Foursquare malarky another bash. Any tips? #
  • For the first time in 3 years I'm actually putting off going to bed cos I don't want to go to work in the morning. #
  • Arrrggghhh. Why don't people get that the marketisation of university places might be a good thing if done properly? #
  • RT @wilw: Q: What Linux distro does Papa Smurf use? A: Red Hat. HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! #
  • I've got a real urge just to go for a walk. #
  • End of my weekend is over. Back to staring at lines of data in spreadsheets from tomorrow. #funtimes #
  • RT @mjrobbins: "iPad 2 could have stayed on the list of the world’s fastest supercomputers through 1994." #
  • Need a big United win today. #
  • How hung over am I? #

What I have been up to this week 2011-05-08

May 8th, 2011 No comments
  • RT @cwfnews: Join us this July for the Yorkshire Three Peaks Charity Challenge – #threepeaks #
  • Epic times tonight just got slightly less epic. Slew of last minute cancellations. Just means those that do come get even more fun/sec. #
  • Free comics ftw #
  • Right, off to Travelling Man :-)#
  • Would anyone be averse to playing the new (to me) #wonders drinking game tonight? #
  • Hope @thealchemist88 has an awesome time in Newcastle for #uncagedmonkeys tonight. I had a great time in Manchester y/day. #
  • I seem to have lost all ability to motivate myself to do any actual work. Spent half my day reading random wiki pages and (re)learning morse #
  • I wish I could just punch people in the face for believing in horoscopes. #
  • Can't believe I have to work tomorrow AM :-(#
  • Back from #uncagedmonkeys to find @BinaryMage and @Viki_Chan watching Deep Throat. #
  • Me and @chrisworfolk are looking forward to item 15 on @Viki_Chan list ;-)#
  • And now he's supporting @robinince RT @ProfBrianCox: I love Manchester Apollo. First played here supporting Jimmy Page in 1988 #
  • Who would have thought it rains in Manchester? #soggynorm #
  • I wonder if tories front loaded agenda wth stuff the LibDems would look bad in to secure the #no2av vote. #
  • Someone needs to teach me the rules for #wonders drinking game that @profbriancox just told me about. #uncagedmonkeys #
  • Apparently @ProfBrianCox played in a support act for Europe at the #o2apollo in Manchester. #
  • #notenoughwhistlingforepidemiologists #
  • I wish @bengoldacre would stand still #uncagedmonkeys #
  • According to @robinince @ProfBrianCox is the george formby of particle physics #uncagedmonkeys #
  • 2 mins to #uncagedmonkeys . High expectations of @robinince @ProfBrianCox @SLSingh and @bengoldacre #
  • Couple of kids were water bombing the queue and then an old guy got hit. Chased kids down and gave them right finger wagging #uncagedmonkeys #
  • Just got on busy but not overcrowded train to Manchester with @chrisworfolk heading to #uncagedmonkeys :-)#
  • #ff party ppl @MR_OJR @godwinslaw1 @theblindking @chrisworfolk @BinaryMage @Aislinfrancis @andrew_gibney @sarannity @YoungNicola @Viki_Chan #
  • #ff for today go to the wonderful @themonkeycage panellists @ProfBrianCox @robinince @bengoldacre and @SLSingh . Seeing their show tonight. #
  • What do we think Twitter… How high does turnout need to be for us to accept the result as being the 'will of the people'? #
  • Does anyone else hate not being able to sleep but being too lazy to put new dvd in the machine? Talk about oxymoronic situations. Lol. #
  • I need some grounding in reality today. Been too much surreal shit going down. I blame the lines and lines of data I have to analyse at work #
  • It's even stevens at the month. Next vote wins. #
  • Twitter. Do I watch 'last king of scotland' or 'eat, pray, love'? #
  • Lol. Apparently Rossi is a poor man's Messi. #
  • RT @ProfBrianCox: RT @GhostFacedKing: @ProfBrianCox 2 tickets for Monkeys on Friday in Manchester cant go due to childcare juggling fail :-(#
  • In the end I voted for the campaign with least (marginally) lies in their leaflet and went for #yes2av also voted conservative in locals. #
  • On way home from work via a polling station. Still on the fence for #avreferendum last chance for #yes2av and #no2av to convince me. #
  • RT @chrisworfolk: Ah voting day. Nothing gets me sexually excited like democracy! #
  • RT @gibfootballshow:The NEW gibfootballshow is now available w/ @lesrosbifs @globalfoot2day @surrealfootball @bundesbag #
  • RT @BinaryMage: So, I've cast my vote – make sure you cast yours #AVReferendum #
  • RT @andyjameshicks: You don't need your polling card to vote. Just give your name & address. This applies to the referendum too. #
  • Aaaaaaaarrrrrrrrggggggghhhhhhh **head explodes* #
  • Hope you're all going to be voting today in local elections if you have them and the AV referendum!! I'm still undecided as no great args. #
  • Just bumped into a girl dressed as Jadzia Dax in the Trouble with Tribbles episode, complete with spots and TOS uniform. #
  • In Fab with @Aislinfrancis and Cara for #starwarsday #
  • Also last night's shenanigans with @leedsatheistsoc are catching up with me. Too old for late night karaoke! #
  • My mind is melting with this audit :-( I don't know how @MR_OJR manages to work with finances all day!! #
  • Ladies and gentlemen. That's a wrap! #
  • So just 4 of us left out for @leedsatheistsoc karaoke. #
  • Just cracked out Tribute by Tenacious D at @leedsatheistsoc karaoke night. #
  • So @leedsatheistsoc new second Will is on twitter as @tintower #
  • Out at karaoke with @leedsatheistsoc :-) @NQRW @YoungNicola and new secretary Will opening up with some Avril. #
  • It's the @leedsatheistsoc agm tonight. Come down and stand/vote for next year's committee! #
  • RT @DavidAllenGreen: I wonder if we can get #PCSimonHarwoodIsAThug trending? #
  • Its taken me a little under 12 hrs to catch up on work after 11 days off. I wish it was actually sustainable to condense a day into an hour! #
  • I don't wanna wait for our lives to be over. Will it be yes or will it be sorry? #
  • Getting my Dawson's Creek on :-)#
  • Got @MR_OJR and @godwinslaw1 a present for this weekend :-)#
  • Good work John Higgins :-) making quesidillas in your honour!! #
  • Who steals dse chairs?! #
  • So its the end of my holidays :-( back to the grind stone this week. #
  • I'm watching the new Indiana Jones film. My god is Harrison old! #

What I have been up to this week 2011-05-01

May 1st, 2011 No comments
  • Accidentally out on the town with @BinaryMage and @theblindking :-) this is going to be messy :D#
  • So apparently I am hitting up Burley Park old skool style. #
  • Just been watching Guitar Heroes and Roy Orbison doc on BBC4. Feel the need to break out the record payer and get my rock n roll on. #