Secret Boys

Posted by Norm on February 12th, 2008 filed in A-Soc, Friends, General

Well the main news for today was going to be about the success of Darwin Day 2008, A-Soc’s annual celebration of the birth of Charles Darwin. Sarann and Michelle kindly spent their weekend baking the most delightful selection of cakes - crispy cakes, fairy cakes, Victoria sponge, chocolate cake, banana bread, scones, cookies, shortbread, flapjack and ginger bread men!

We spent the day outside the union foyer selling these cakes and generally spreading the word about the life and work of Charles Darwin and how his theory of evolution by natural selection is still influencing us today. I presented a discussion on how this theory works within the idea of social evolution and how society and altruism within that society is a result of Darwinian evolution, not a contradiction!

As I said, this was going to be the main news - however, when Chris and I returned from the A-Soc social this evening we tripped over a pair of shoes and a bag in the hallway and then noticed a strange coat on the hangers! Intrigue was in the air as B has been away and Chris and I were out - leaving Michelle or Sarann to have visitors. The lounge was empty and their was no reply from downstairs. The plot thickened…

On closer inspection we determined the stuff belonged to a boy! Secret boys in the house. Who had the mysterious visitor in their rooms? Well, on logging onto MSN I discovered Michelle was online and soon came downstairs on hearing the news! This left one suspect… Sarann!

The list of possible candidates for the secret boy is short - there are very few people that Sarann would have round without telling Michelle at the least. In fact, only one name springs to mid. The same boy that stayed over just recently - supposedly on the sofa - after inviting himself round.

I have been informed that revealing the secret boy would be unethical, so I won’t mention his name, but anyone who knows the people involved should be able to guess!

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  1. Liz Says:

    Glad ur day went well :) Do kinda wish I had been there tho :( I could of helped sell cakes! I like cakes :D Hee hee!

    Secret boys? Hmm .. Sounds like fun! You were a secret boy once :P
    Fun was it? :P

  2. Sarann Says:

    I never said he stayed on the sofa…

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